How to run a migration script

Note If you are upgrading an existing Service Manager system to Process Designer, you need to customize the legacy out-of-box migration script samples for your specific environment.

To run a migration script, follow these steps:

  1. Type db in the command line to open Database Manager.

  2. Type migrationSetting in the Table field, and then click Search.

  3. In the Migration Script setting detail form, click Migrate Data to run the migration script.

  4. When using the Batch Update mode, the Data Migration pop-up window shows the RDBMS SQL Statements that will be run on the database. Check that the SQL statements are correct, and change these SQL statements if needed. Click Next, and then click Finish to start the migration in Batch Update mode.

    Note If there is no data to migrate, or if the data is already migrated, you receive the following notification: 

    "No records match the filter condition. At least one matching record is required."