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Service Manager 9.60 includes the following enhancement requests.

CR Component Problem Solution
QCCR1E136537 Application Smart Analytics does not support indexing knowledge records from the Oracle KM repository. One new IDOL connector is added to the Smart Analytics solution, which can index data from external Oracle KM. This enables users in SM to search against KM documents from the Oracle KM application.
QCCR1E136976 Application No refresh button is available in Problem Management to refresh the record and its workflow information. A "Refresh" button is now added for Problem to refresh the record and its workflow information.
QCCR1E138633 Application Need an approach to synchronize "number" and "counters" records between develop and production environment when integrating with 3rd party source control. The new "BaseUtil.synchronizeCountersAndNumbers()" JavaScript function is now provided to synchronize "number" and "counters" records between develop and production environments.
QCCR1E138781 Application The action field in workflow back-end transitions is empty out-of-the-box. Added ActionName=$L.wfEvent to the ServiceDesk workflow.
QCCR1E140639 Application Service Manager Smart Email does not support SharedInboxes via IMAP-S. Service Manager Smart Email now supports SharedInboxes via IMAP-S and EWS.
QCCR1E137664 Server

When you try to load a modified dbdict file into a system in which the target dbdict file already exists, you receive the following error message:

dbdict already exists, cannot change this you need to create a new file system.

Run the sm -svc_import -svc_updatedbdict command to update the dbdict file.
QCCR1E139513 Server Service Manager does not support samAccountName mapping with UPN in a SAML environment. Single-Sign-On with SAML works as expected with LDAP query mapping.
QCCR1E139756 Server Service Manager does not support the virtualization platform vSphere 6.5. Service Manager now supports Vsphere 6.5.
QCCR1E139769 Server There is a standard integration with SAP: SMSSMEX. There is an initiative to have this integration using SMIS and CaseExchange. An SM RTE enhancement is needed to provide an SAP Web Service Interface Adapter.

A new WS namespace "" has been added. All incoming WS requests of the "external" namespace will be forwarded to the JS entry function "ExternalWS.handleRequest(szRequestXML, szExternalURL,arrayOfAttachments)" or "ExternalWS.handleRequest(szRequestXML,szExternalURL)" when there is no attachment in the request.

Note: If the URL is "", then theparameter "szExternalURL" is "SAP/test".

Customers should parse and process the request XMLs and compose the response XMLs, all with APPs and JS code.

If the returned value of the JS entry function, which should be a character string, begins with "xml://", then the SM RTE will take the rest of the string as the response XML and send it back to the client without any change; otherwise, the whole returned string will be added to XML attribute "message"and sent back to the client in the old "SM/7" WS response format.

QCCR1E142225 Server Request to support Oracle12c R2 for Service Manager. Oracle 12c R2 is now supported for Service Manager.
QCCR1E142585 Server The Service Manager application version control does not support Git. The Service Manager application version control now supports Git.
QCCR1E142831 Server The number and counter records are not automatically synchronized after the svc_import command is run. Now you can configure the svc_post import parameter in sm.ini to solve this issue. For example, svc_postimport: BaseUtil.synchronizeCountersAndNumbers();BaseUtil.print_2(msg,msg1)
QCCR1E145292 Server There is a hardcoded limitation for IR keys. It cannot be greater than 254. This limit needs to be increased so that the field that are part of the key can have more than 254 characters. The IR key maximum length has been changed from 254 bytes to 342 bytes.
QCCR1E138624 Web Client The web client does not support the "tel" and "sip" protocols for telephony. The web client now supports the "tel" and "sip" protocols for telephony.
QCCR1E139390 Web Client When you import or export table data, a message is displayed to indicate that the import or export process is complete. No progress information is displayed during the process.

Progress information is now displayed during the process in addition to the final message after the export is complete.


  1. If you have small amount of data to import or export, you may still see only the final message.
  2. After you start the import or export, the first progress message may be delayed for several seconds. If you want to shorten the delay time, you may setthe value of the parameter refreshMessagesInterval in web.xml to a smaller value (we recommend a value larger than 8000). If you set too small a value, the "Loading" mark may disappear before the import or export is complete.

QCCR1E144050 Web Client JBoss JWS is not certified for the Service Manager web client. JBoss JWS is certified for the Service Manager web client.
QCCR1E144563 Mobility A request to certify Android 8 for Service Manager Mobility client. Android version 8 is now certified for the Service Manager Mobility client.
QCCR1E145130 Mobility A request to cerfity iOS 10 and iOS 11 for Service Manager Mobility client. IOS 10 and 11 are now certified for the Service Manager Mobility client.
QCCR1E137462 SRC Tailoring for Service Request Catalog Check-out Panels does not support the"visible" and "mandatory" conditions. SRC Tailoring supports the "visible" and "mandatory" conditions.
QCCR1E141185 SRC A request for Service Request Catalog to return more accurate results when users search for service items. A new parameter named src.exactSearch.enable is added in the file of Service Request Catalog (SRC). SRC Search results of Service Items can be configured to return a more accurate result by setting src.exactSearch.enable to true. By default, src.exactSearch.enable is set to false so that the search behavior is consistent with the previous behavior.
QCCR1E145097 SRC A request to enable background color customization for some UI elements of Service Request Catalog. Now, users can customize background color for some UI elements of Service RequestCatalog. For more information, refer to Administer > Service Request CatalogCustomization > Appendix D: Styling the interface on the Service Manager online help.
QCCR1D189365 Service Portal SM offerings with "Restrict request to single item" checked are not restricted in the cart. When "Restrict request to single item" is set to true in SM, the maximum quantity of the catalog item in cart of Service Portal is restricted to 1.
QCCR1E138641 Service Portal Service Manager Service Portal can only be installed by "root." Now customers can use the "propel" user with the "sudo" permission to install Service Portal.
QCCR1E145168 Service Portal In a Service Portal environment with F5 reverse proxy, customer gets stuck in a loop on the top of the screen. A new administrator tool is now introduced to support F5 reverse proxy.
QCCR1D244217 Service Portal It is not clear about how to provide approver information to the supplier system.

The CDM format is as follows:"message" :

"message" : {

"inputEntity" : {

"approvalProcess" : {

"adapterProperties" : { },

"state" : "APPROVED",

"steps" : [ {

"date" : 1497321526568,

"entries" : [ {

"approver" : "consumer",

"backendSystemAccepted" : false,

"date" : 1497321526270,

"message" : null,

"state" : "APPROVED"

} ],

"message" : null,

"referenceId" : null,

"state" : "APPROVED",

"stepName" : null,

"type" : "DEFAULT"

} ]


The customer needs to reference the approval Process entity part in the FTL to get the related value. For example, the following line in FTL will retrieve the approvalState from the message Json.


QCCR1D244265 Service Portal After you enable the Solr plugin for Knowledge Article search, the displayed documents in Service Portal have unfunctional Vote and Comment buttons. The Knowledge Articles in Service Manager work fine. When you view the article in Chrome or IE 11, the Vote and Comment buttons do nothing. However, in Firefox, the buttons are displayed with the following message “The address wasn’t understood. Firefox does not know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (scactivelink) is not associated with any program or is not allowed in this context.” KM vote and feedback functions are now available.
QCCR1D244256 Service Portal The automatic search function of Service Portal is triggered too early. Automatic search is triggered only after a user enters 3 or more characters
QCCR1D244248 Service Portal The view count data of Knowledge Management cannot be collected from Service Portal. The view count can now be collected from Service Portal and the count in SM KM usage history table is updated accordingly. For example, whenever a user opens and views a document, the view count field in the KM usage history table will be increased by 1.
QCCR1D244246 Service Portal Service Manager service catalog values inserted into a user option list are displayed at the bottom of the list in Service Portal. This behavior is different from Service Manager. Sort function is added to make the pickup value list sorted alphanumerically when items in the drop-down list are not fetched from dynamic data source.
QCCR1E142218 Service Portal Non-cart catalog items in SM cannot be aggregated to Service Portal. Non-cart catalog items can be aggregated to Service Portal and these items can be added to your cart now.
QCCR1E139774 Service Portal Request to improve the installer of Service Portal.

The new installer has been improved in the following areas:

  • Remove OO, which is not necessary and error-prone for Service Portal installation.
  • Remove the limitation of the "root" user for the installation; a user "propel" with sudo permission is able to install Service Portal now.
  • Reduce 3rd-party dependencies, such as removing Ansible; clearly document the dependencies list.
  • Do not update everything in the system; instead, fix the version for the required dependencies.
  • Add pre-check script before running the Service Portal installer to check the system readiness automatically.
QCCR1E141270 Documentation A request to document how to make Service Portal work with F5 reverse proxy for the single node environment. A topic named "Use F5 reverse proxy with Service Portal" is added to the Service Portal administration section.


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