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Service Desk (Streamlined Interaction) help hub

You can use Service Manager Service Desk to log user requests and trigger appropriate fulfillment processes for proper handling. Service Desk helps you manage all user interactions, whether they are reported by using Self-Service website or directly to your service desk.

Note The topics in this section are based on the Streamlined Interaction solution, which is introduced as of Service Manager 9.41. The Streamlined Interaction feature is optional and is disabled by default. You need to manually enable it before you read the topics in this section. To enable the Streamlined Interaction solution, see Enable streamlined interaction.

If you want to read the help topics for the out-of-box Service Desk module (Codeless mode), see the help content in Service Desk help hub.

User roles

Describes the ITIL user roles as implemented by Service Manager.

Service Desk User Roles

Key concepts

Describes the most important things that you need to know about how the Service Desk module functions.

Service Desk overview

What is a Service Desk interaction?

Out-of-box Service Desk categories

Working with Service Desk interaction records

Related records in Service Desk

User workflows

Describes the workflows used by Service Manager and the sub tasks that end users need to perform to execute the workflows.

Service Desk workflows and user tasks

Additional resources

Processes and Best Practices