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Change Incident Status to Pending User Information

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If you need additional information from the user, contact the user directly. While waiting for information from the user, change the incident status to pending user information status.

  1. Click Incident Management > Incident Queue.
  2. Select the Open Incidents Assigned To Me view, which is based on the service level agreement (SLA) target date. The view is sorted by target date with the oldest date listed first.
  3. Select an open incident, and then look at the category in the Category field. The category is inherited from the Service Desk interaction process. Valid entries are complaint, incident, or request for information. The Area and Subarea fields are also populated according to the selected category.
  4. Click the list in the Status field and change the status to an applicable pending status.

    Note: When an incident record is set to a pending status, the service level agreement clock continues to track the incident as an open incident. The assignment group remains the same.

  5. When the user delivers the requested information, change the status to accepted or work in progress. Click the list in the Status field and update the status.
  6. Click Save & Exit.

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