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Document an Existing Solution or Workaround in an Incident

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When you find an existing solution that resolves an open incident, you can verify the effectiveness of the solution and then use the solution to resolve the incident.

After you verify that the solution works, perform the following steps to attach the solution to the incident record:

  1. From the knowledgebase document or record that contains the solution, do the following:
    1. Click Use Solution to add the solution to the Solution field of the incident record..
    2. View the published document, and then select it as a solution. The system reopens the record with the Solution field updated.

      Note: For information about attaching a file, see the related topics.

  2. Update the incident detail:
    1. Open the Activities section.
    2. Select the applicable update type in New Update Type.
    3. Add other necessary information and notes in New Update.
    4. Check Visible to Customer to make the information available to customers.

      Note This option can be bypassed by setting the Bypass Visibility Option flag to “true” in the activityactions table. When this flag is set to “true,” automatic activities are invisible to customers, whether the Customer Visible option is selected or not. When the flag is set to “false,” all activities are visible to customers if the Customer Visible option is selected.

  3. Click Save & Exit.

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