Reject an Incident

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If you determine that you cannot perform work on an incident, then you must change the incident status to rejected before closing or exiting the incident record.

To reject an incident:

  1. In the Status field, change the status to Rejected.
  2. Clear the Assignee field.
  3. Click Fill in the Assignee field to generate a list of Operator names in the assignment group, and then choose the name of the coordinator to whom this incident will be reassigned.
  4. In the Activities section, do the following:
    1. From the New Update Type field list, select an update type to categorize the activity update.
    2. In the New Update field, type a description of the update.
  5. Click Save. You are prompted for the reason for the rejection.

  6. Enter the reason for the rejection, and then click Save. The system indicates the incident has been updated.
  7. Click Save & Exit.

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