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Create New Incidents from Monitoring System Notifications

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You can create an incident when notified by a monitoring system of an event in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure.

To create an incident from a monitoring system event notification:

  1. Click Incident Management > Create New Incident.
  2. Click Apply Template.
  3. Select the appropriate template. The template automatically fills in some fields with predefined values.
  4. Type a title and description for the incident.
  5. In Incident Detail, verify or complete the following required entries. Use the Fill button when available to display a list of values for the field.
    • Category
    • Area
    • Subarea
    • Impact
    • Urgency
    • Priority
  6. Click Fill to select an Assignment Group.
  7. Click Fill or Find to select the applicable Service affected by the incident.
  8. Complete the form with any other relevant information.
  9. Click Save & Exit.

Incident Management opens a new incident, assigns a unique number with the prefix IM, and places the incident in the queue for the Incident Coordinator.

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