Add Subcategory


Categories are used to group catalog items within a catalog.

The Organization Administrator can create new subcategories.



To create a new category:

  1. From the Launchpad, click the Categories application. The Categories view is displayed.
  2. Click Add Subcategory. The New Category dialog is displayed.
  3. Fill in and select the necessary fields in the New Category dialog:
    1. Type the Name of the new category.
    2. To change the Parent Category from what is displayed:

      1. Click Select Category.
      2. Select the parent category for the new category.
      3. Click OK.
  4. Click Create Category in the New Category dialog to finish and save your changes.

    The new category and its properties are displayed. To edit additional properties of the new category, see Edit Category Details.

Tip Subcategories can be created under any existing category.


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