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Service Manager Service Portal admin UI help

This section includes the help content for authorized administrator users when they manage suppliers, catalogs, categories, catalog items, organizations, licenses, and more from the Service Manager Service Portal user interface for administrators.

Catalogs Management


Manage Catalogs

View Catalog Details

Edit Catalog

Manage Items in Catalog

Grant Catalog Access Control

Manage Catalog Approval Policy

View Catalogs in Localized Languages

Catalog Items

Add Catalog Item

Add Catalog Item to Category

Create Custom Published Item

Hide Catalog Item Price

Edit Catalog Item

Manage Catalog Items Using Tabs

Publish Catalog Item

Remove Catalog Item

Remove Catalog Item from Categories

Unpublish Catalog Item

View Catalog Items in Localized Languages


View Category Details

Add subcategory

Edit Category Details

Remove Category

View Categories in Localized Languages

Catalog Connect

View Catalog Aggregation Details

Add Catalog Aggregation

Delete Catalog Aggregation

Edit Catalog Aggregation

Resolve Catalog Aggregation

Edit Catalog Item

Publish Catalog Item

Restart Catalog Aggregation (Re-Aggregate)


View Supplier Details

Add Supplier

Edit Supplier Details

Synchronize Requests

Delete Supplier


View Policies

View Policy Details

Create Policy

Edit Policy Details

Delete Policy

Business Processes

View Business Processes

View Business Process Details

Clone Business Process

Edit Business Process

Create Business Process

Delete Business Process

Publish Business Process

Unpublish Business Process


Manage Organizations

Manage Languages

Manage Authentications

Manage Customizations

Manage Roles

Manage Groups

Manage Permissions

Manage Impersonations

Service Manager Service Portal Automation License


Content Pack Details


View Service Manager Service Portal Services Status

View Service Manager Service Portal Service Details

View Suppliers Status

View Supplier Details