A supplier consists of an end-point system and its properties to enable integration with Service Manager Service Portal. Examples of suppliers are:

  • Provider systems
  • Fulfillment systems
  • Ticketing systems

For example, a supplier can be added for an Service Manager (SM) system, and then the supplier's offerings can be imported into Service Manager Service Portal.

Suppliers are associated with organizations, and the Organization Administrator manages the supplier systems for his organization.



Available tasks:

  • View Supplier Details — View the properties and diagnostics of a supplier. Additionally, failed requests, due to a supplier system being unavailable, can be manually resubmitted.
  • Add Supplier — Create a new end-point system to be integrated with Service Manager Service Portal.
  • Edit Supplier Details — Revise the properties of a supplier.
  • Synchronize Requests — Import either support requests, service requests, or both.
  • Delete Supplier — Remove the integrated end-point system from Service Manager Service Portal.