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Parts of the web client interface

The following image illustrates where you can find the main components of the Service Manager web client interface:

The numbers in the image above represent the following components.

Component Description
1 System Navigator. Provides navigation through the Service Manager applications and their forms.
2 Record List toolbar. Contains commands that affect the record list portion of the editor. Click the More button to access additional commands.
3 Record List area. The record list is populated after you execute a Search command. The currently-selected record that in the record list is displayed for editing directly below the record list, in the record detail area.
4 Detail List toolbar. Contains commands that affect the record that is opened for editing, in the record detail area.
5 Record Details area. Displays the record that is selected in the record list area.

Command/Search line. Allows you to enter shortcut commands or record's prefix and IDs. Click the Command/Search line toggle button to switch between the Command line and the Search line.

Note The Command/Search line toggle button is available in the web client only and is disabled by default. For more information about how to activate this button, see the "Activate the command/search line toggle button" topic.

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