System Navigator

The System Navigator is a visual hierarchical structure that enables you to navigate through Service Manager applications and to drill down into the system to access forms and other information. You can drag and drop favorites (such as queries, lists, and forms) into the System Navigator view, store charts and dashboards, access Service Manager applications, and complete database tasks.

Administrators can configure user roles with permissions that enable or disable viewing of System Navigator components. For example, some users should not have direct access to database information or be able to create public folders.

Some available actions appear on the System Navigator contextual (right-click) menu. The list of actions varies, depending on user roles and the current task. The following table describes two of the commands found in the System Navigator contextual menu.

Command Definition
New (favorites or dashboards) Creates a new folder or dashboard.

Refreshes the display.

Note Do not refresh the System Navigator by refreshing your browser. Instead, use the Service Manager System Navigator Refresh button.

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