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Windows client features

Feature Functionality
Window design

You can drag and drop client components to arrange them in the following ways:

  • Drag the title bar (or tab) of any view to a different position within the client window.
  • Drag any view or editor outside the client window.
  • Drag any view to the shortcut bar for a Fast View.
  • Drag the shortcut bar to dock on the right, left, or bottom of the client window.
  • Resize any view or editor by dragging the split bar up, down, or sideways.
  • Drag any view to a vertical or horizontal position in the client window.
Views Views have a minimize and maximize button. Click Maximize to fill the client window. Click Minimize for the view to appear as a tab in the lower right section of the editor. You can hide a view if you right-click and choose Fast View.
Views for all users Dashboard
Secondary System Navigator
System Navigator
Views for administrators Console
Detail Data
Detail Form
List Data
List Form
Fast views Right-click any Fast View icon to change the docking position of the shortcut bar. You can choose left, right, or bottom.
Editor tabs If you drag multiple views or editors to the same location, they arrange themselves in a tabbed notebook format.
Perspectives The Administration perspective contains views for administrators only. You must have the Admin plug-in installed to access this perspective.

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