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Alternatives to data maps

Data maps are an optional administration feature that you can use as part of the health and maintenance of your system to identify related records to purge or archive. In addition to data mapping, the following table shows other methods to purge and archive records.

Feature Description Differences from data mapping
Unload script utility Unload records from multiple tables using saved queries. No restrictions on record queries (data map queries must identify related records).
Save multiple queries as one script record (data maps can support only one type of query for each record).
List forms that you want to protect from purging (data maps can only purge records).
Entity relationship diagram definition (Erddef) Define joins by entity relationships. Define multiple joins (Each data map record can only define one join).
Not integrated with the purge/archive function.
Cascading deletion of related records (data mapping can only delete records as part of a purge process).

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