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Add lookup functionality to Format Control

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

The topics below comprise an example of how to use Database record auditing. The steps in these topics must be followed in order. If you skip a step, Database record auditing may not work.

  1. Open the audit specifications table.
  2. Add an audit specifications record.
  3. Define an audit specifications entry.
  4. Invoke auditing.
  5. Set up event triggers.
  6. Add lookup functionality to Format Control.
  7. Test audit lookup functionality.

Note: Before using Audit Lookup, be sure that the Audit Specifications include all fields that need auditing.

To add Lookup Functionality, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the Format Control record associated with the form or file.
  2. Select the Save Copy.
  3. Click Additional Options.
  4. Select Additional Options.
    The Additional Options panel opens.
  5. Activate Lookup Functionality by adding the following specifications:

    DescAudit Lookup
    CommentAudit Lookup
    MessageCould not call Audit Lookup application.

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