Event blocking with conditions

You can also prevent the insertion of events for specific network devices, domain names and error types by using the Index, Value, and Condition fields. Use these fields independently or in conjunction with the Start Blocking at and End Blocking at fields to populate other fields on the form.

  • Index refers to the position of the data in the event message.
  • Value refers to the actual data contained at that position.

For example, a pmo event contains the following message:

hp^hp^^6 58916865^Node Down^^^^SNMP

The caret (^) character separates fields in the message. The first field, which references the logical name of the device, contains hp. To block the insertion of all incident open events reported for the device hp, type pmo in the Event Type field, 2 in the first Index field and hp in the first Value field.

Note Only Index values of 2 or 3 are supported for incident open actions.

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