Viewing adaptive learning data

There are several ways to view adaptive learning phrases and counts when adaptive learning is enabled.

Note You must have a KCS II or KCS III profile to view adaptive learning data, and a KM ADMIN profile to view or edit adaptive learning data.

  • Search using a word or phrase and then from the hit list select one of the documents to view. There is an Adaptive Learning button available from the document view if the document is an sclib-type document. Click this button to view a list of phrases and counts for the document.
  • View a document from the list of published documents. The view includes an Adaptive Learning button. Click this button to view a list of phrases and counts for the document.
  • The Knowledge Management > Configuration menu includes an Adaptive Learning selection. When you click Adaptive Learning, a form appears, from which you can search for adaptive learning data using knowledgebase, document ID, or phrase.
  • For knowledge candidates such as Incident or Interaction records found when doing a search, the Adaptive Learning button is available for KM ADMIN users when viewing a specific document.
  • The Adaptive Learning button appears for users with a KCS II, KCS III,or KM ADMIN profile when viewing or editing documents from the Pending Documents queue that are new working copy documents (that is, documents without a previously-published version).

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