Parameter: preferredFQHN

Startup parameters change the behavior of the Service Manager server. You can always set a startup parameter from the server's operating system command prompt.




This parameter allows you to specify the fully qualified host name you want Service Manager clients to use when communicating with the server. You only need to set this parameter if your Service Manager host is identified by multiple names on the network.

During startup, the Service Manager process determines the host name and registers it with the load balancer for later use. The load balancer process manages and routes internal client connections to the host name, which is specified as http://hostname:httpPort. When the load balancer receives a client request, it redirects the client to the previously determined host name of the process.

This parameter applies to both horizontally-scaled and vertically-scaled environments. In a horizontally-scaled environment, this parameter specifies the preferred host name of the local system for client connections. For example, your system manages two concurrent client connections, and You need the load balancer process to manage and route internal client connections through Set the parameter in the initialization file as follows:

Valid if set from

Server's operating system command prompt

Start up file (sm.ini)

Requires restart of the Service Manager server?


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