Parameter: reportlbstatus




This parameter displays information about available ports and threads in horizontal and vertical scaling servlet implementations. You can capture the output of this report in a text file using standard output (stdout) parameters appropriate to your operating system.

The following example shows connection statistics for a vertical scaling servlet implementation on one host.


  • This example report has been reformatted for print display.
  • The output in this example has been truncated (this is not the full output from the command).
Load Balancer Status:Sat Jun 23 09:58:52 PDT 2012
HP Service Manager LoadBalancer Running on Port:34567
List of Hosts:

-------------------------------------------------------------------Server Instances
 ProcessID     ClusterAddress     HttpPort  HttpsPort  Sessions  DbgMode  QMode  LB  
    7872    34568       0       (3/50)      N       N     N   
    7881    34569       0       (1/50)      N       N     N      
    7837    34567       0       (0/50)      N       N     Y       

State         LowMem     JAVA_USED/MAX/PERCENT 
WR[6d22h39m]  N       (4404408/238616576/1.8458097)
QR[9m]        N       (2983152/238616576/1.2501864)
RUN           N       (2601080/238616576/1.0900668)

------------------------------------------------------------Non Server Instances---
 ProcessID     ClusterAddress         State      LowMem     JAVA_USED/MAX/PERCENT    
    8510       RUN          N         (0/89522176/0.0)         
    7931       RUN          N   (1502256/59703296/2.5162027)    
    7880       RST          N   (1539248/59703296/2.5781624)    
    7930       SHT          N   (1514024/59703296/2.5359137)   
Command Line parameters
-sync -log:../logs/sm.sync.log 
system.start -log:../logs/sm.start.log
-que:ir -log:../logs/sm.que.log

The State column lists one of the following values:

State Description
RUN The process is currently running.
WR[<time>] The process is in restart waiting interval. The value in brackets is the remaining waiting interval expressed in d days, h hours, and m minutes.
QR[<time>] The process is in quiesce mode prior to restarting. The value in brackets is the time remaining until the process restarts expressed in d days, h hours, and m minutes.
RST The process is currently restarting.
SHT The process is currently shutting down.

The report output will appear in the log directory with a file name of sm.log_datetime.log, where datetime is in the format mmddyyhhmmss and represent the time at which the command was submitted.

Valid if set from

Server's operating system command prompt

Requires restart of the Service Manager server?


Default value


Possible values

The number of seconds in which the report should execute again

Example usage

Command line: sm -reportlbstatus status.txt

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