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Example: Adding a URL link to a menu

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

Objective: Provide an example of how to add a link that navigates to a URL from the System Navigator tree or from a Service Manager menu form.

In this example, you need to find the menu file, modify the HOME menu record, and use Forms Designer to modify the menu.gui.home form.

To add a link that navigates to a URL from the System Navigator tree or from a menu form:

  1. Click Tailoring > Web Services > Database Manager.
    The Database Manager search window (format.prompt.db.g) opens .
  2. Type menu in the File text box and click Search.
    A record list of the files opens (format.qbe.g).
  3. From the record list of menu files, double–click menu in the File Name column.
    The Menu form opens (menu.g).
  4. Type HOME in the Menu Name field and click Search from the More Actions menu.
    The Menu form re-displays with a list of menu records for the HOME menu.
  5. In the table, add a new menu entry with the following information:
    • Option #: 48
    • Description: Micro Focus (The label to give the URL link.)
    • Application: us.launch.external
    • Parameter: name
    • Parameter value:
    • Thread: true
    • Condition: true
  6. From the More Actions menu, click Save.
    Next you will use Forms Designer to add the menu item as a button on the form:f menu.gui.home.
  7. Click Tailoring > Tailoring Tools > Forms Designer. Type fd in the Service Manager command line.
    The Forms Designer search form opens.
  8. Type menu.gui.home in the Form text box and click Search.
    The menu.gui.home form opens in Forms Designer.
  9. Click Design. The form opens in the edit window with the Design Tools and Properties panes open.
  10. Drag-and-drop a button control from the Design Tools pane to the form.
  11. Position the button control on the form. In this example, move the Exit Service Manager button, Service Manager Internal Mail button, and System Status button left to make room for the button you are adding.
  12. Click the new button to display the sizing nodes on the button and then resize the button to match the other buttons.
  13. In the Properties pane, update the following parameters:
    • Image File: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
    • Button ID: Type the Option # (48) you entered for this record in the HOME file.
    • Caption: Micro Focus
    • Name: Micro Focus
  14. Click OK.
  15. To verify the change, logout and then login and view the form you modified.
    You should see the button you added on the menu.gui.home form. There should also be a new entry in the Menu navigator folder in the System Navigator.

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