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Adding and changing the image icon for menu and toolbar items

You can edit or replace the out-of-box icon for existing menu items and add icons for new menu and toolbar items that you create. The More Actions menu and toolbar icons are 16x16 .gif files. You can use any graphics design tool to edit out-of-box icons or create new icons of the correct size.

When you create a menu or toolbar item, Service Manager generates an icon name for it based on the Default Label you give the menu or toolbar item in the Display Application Option Definition form.

Service Manager displays the image with that name if it is located in the Service Manager Client images directory. If there is no image with that name, the form displays the default icon. The default icon is blank (no icon defined) in the out-of-box system.

In a typical installation the icons are located in the following locations.

  • Windows client:
  • Web client on Tomcat (for example):

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