Menu record

Each option line in the menu record contains values that control the functionality of each link on the menu form. Based on the conditions specified, the menu record can call a RAD application to retrieve other menus, call stored queries, and launch external applications. The association between the form and the menu record is set up by entering the form name in the Format field of the menu record.

The numbers in the Option column correspond to the option on the referenced format. In general, there is a one-to-one relationship between menu and form. Each option calls a RAD application. Some RAD applications require parameters to be passed into the function while others do not.

The Command column permits you to call a menu option directly from the command line. For example, type db in the command line to go directly to the Database Manager.

The Condition column on the menu record controls the availability of the option. If the condition evaluates to false, the option displayed on the user’s menu is unavailable.

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