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Format Control

Format Control allows the System Administrator to apply the following special processes to Service Manager files through individual forms:

  • Validate fields.
  • Establish user privileges.
  • Display alternate record list forms.
  • Do Calculations and Validations based on other fields in this file or other files.
  • Call RAD routines.
  • Define additional options and menu items.
  • Automatically update or insert data in other parts of the database.

Format Control records can attach to any form or file within Service Manager and do not require special programming skills to implement. You define routines in Format Control that are user interactive or transparent and perform when a record opens or when a user adds, updates, or deletes a record from the database. Format Control is easy to apply and change.

While Format Control is a convenient utility, it should not be overused. Excessive reliance on Format Control to modify your system results in reduced system performance. If you intend to heavily customize your system, we recommend you find other, more efficient ways to implement your changes such as Data Policy or Data Validation.

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