Incident Management security profiles mappings

If you have upgraded from a previous version of Incident Management, which is not Process Designer based, see the following tables for Incident Management security profiles mappings.

Mapping between previous security profiles and current PD security roles

The following table lists the mapping relationship between previous Incident security profiles and current PD security roles in the Incident module.

Security Profile Security Role/Area
configuration auditor configuration auditor/Incident
incident analyst incident analyst/Incident
incident coordinator incident coordinator/Incident
incident manager incident manager/Incident
initiator initiator/Incident
operator operator/Incident
problem manager/coord problem manager/Incident
problem coordinator/Incident
service desk agent service desk agent/Incident
service desk manager service desk manager/Incident
service tech service tech/Incident
sysadmin sysadmin/Incident
N/A incident task assignee/Incident
N/A incident process owner/Incident

Field mapping between security profiles and PD security rights/settings

The following table lists the mapping of fields in legacy Incident security profiles and Process Designer security roles.

Security profile settings Process Designer security rights and settings
New New
Close Delete/Close
Mass inactivate
Update Update
Change category
View View
Can notify
Search for duplicates
Alternate views
Can use callback list
Advanced search
Reopen Reopen
Mark problem candidate Expert
Can suspend
Can unsuspend
Tempate Mass Update
Complex Mass Update
Allow inefficient query Allow Inefficient Query
Skip query warning Skip Inefficient Query Warning
Can create personal views Can Create Personal Views
Can create system views Can Create System Views
Lock on display Lock On Display
Modify Template Modify Template
Allowed statuses Allowed Statuses
QBE format List Format
Search format Search format
Manage format Manage Format
Initial view Initial View
Auto-notify format

Notify Template

Note Use this setting to configure the template name for the "Notify" action.

Incident macro mail format N/A
Default template
Default category
Assignment groups Assignment groups
Authorized categories Allowed Categories
New thread: View -> Search New thread: View -> Search
New thread: Search -> List New thread: Search -> List
New thread: List -> Edit New thread: List -> Edit
New thread: View -> Edit New thread: View -> Edit

Note N/A means the previous fields are obsolete and are not mapped to PD security rights/settings.