Upgrade Utility logs and error messages

The Upgrade Utility creates a set of log files during the upgrade process. These files reside in the same directory as the upgrade files.

List of upgrade log files
Log file Contents


This file contains specific information about the upgrade, including the following:

  • Almost all information in upgrade.log.
  • Name of the file being purged. For example, “dbdict: upgradestatus is purged.”
  • Progress of a file loading. For example, “Adding record # 100 from table upgradeobjects”.
  • Changes made to fields during file processing. For example, “Increasing field length for incidentlib.company in kmquery dbdict from VARCHAR(40) to VARCHAR(70)”
  • Signature of a file and the action on it. For example, “Processing Format Record : cc.get.dependen, signature=(current=3843738292, oob=NONE, upgrade=3843738292), upgraderesult=current”


This file contains information about any exceptions reported by the upgrade, including the following:

  • Messages about data type mismatches that failed to be resolved, or database dictionaries failed to be upgraded. For example, "dbdict:FolderRights, field:delete, field type is logical -- expected to be:character"

    See Data type mismatches.

  • Messages about the unique key changes that failed to be resolved. For example, "dbdict:Todo, Unique Key is {"record.id", "itemType"} -- expected to be:{"record.id"}"

If there are exceptions logged in this file, we recommend you to resolve them in the "Resolving exceptions and conflicts" phase.


This file contains information about where the upgrade is at any point. This file contains only the main steps of the upgrade, including the following:

  • Starting and ending of each sub-phase. For example, “**** Start Phase [Pre Upgrade Action Update] ****”

  • Main activities during each sub phase. For example, “Purging upgrade files...”

  • Number of files to be processed. For example, “There are 608 dbdicts to be processed.”

  • Names of the files being processed. For example, "Processing dbdict, AdvFilter”


The log file, which is stored in the Service Manager log directory, includes the following information:

  • A list of Alert definition records that are created based on settings in your Classic categories
  • A list of category, subcategory, and producttype records that are migrated to Process Designer-based tables

  • A list of format level link records that are updated to disable the category, subcategory, and product.type link lines

  • A list of the Classic probsummary and incident objects that are migrated to Process Designer-based objects
  • A list of updated process records