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Service Manager 9.50 includes the following enhancement requests.

ID Component Summary Added in version
QCCR1E125306 Applications Added an option that enables you to control whether or not an operator's full name is displayed in the Change Module 9.50
QCCR1E130200 Applications Service Manager can now calculate next.breach on several duty tables 9.50
QCCR1E131047 Applications The us.set.reminder RAD application now works for ocmq and ocml 9.50
QCCR1E101396 Applications A "Mass Mark as Reconciled" button for the renamed records is added to the application patch manager 9.50
QCCR1E74805 Applications Existing data in CI records are not replaced by a NULL value when incoming SOAP requests from UCMDB have a value for a field in the extaccess record 9.50
QCCR1E129693 Applications The Service Manager-SAP Integration Apps code is now included in out-of-box versions of Service Manager. 9.50
QCCR1E132670 Applications Mass close functionality is now available in Process Designer-based environments 9.50
QCCR1E123224 Applications A "search change model" function is now available when you create a new Change 9.50
QCCR1E118631 Applications You can now implement approvals in Knowledge Management Process Designer workflows 9.50
QCCR1E104944 Applications Dynamic fields added for the User Selections of a Service Catalog item are no longer displayed when their Visible Condition validation is set to false 9.50
QCCR1E126889 Applications You can now select a notification definition in the report scheduler 9.50
QCCR1E128634 Applications The behavior of ToDo category dashboards can now be configured to the same as the To Do Queue 9.50
QCCR1E130320 Applications Auto refresh now works for the Dashboard on the web tier 9.50
QCCR1E135053 Applications Duration and Calculation reports can be run in real-time in the front-end 9.50
QCCR1E31480 Applications You can now override the setting of the Visible to Customer option 9.50
QCCR1E52999 Applications In a CI View, you are able to select fields from joined (attribute) tables to use in the Advanced Filter 9.50
QCCR1E129149 Applications To-Do Alerts are now automatically acknowledged when you click a record ID link in the alert 9.50
QCCR1E109766 Applications HTML email templates in multiple languages are now included in the Service Manager language pack 9.50
QCCR1E132431 Applications When you modify columns in a QBE list, the changes are applied to the fill function 9.50
QCCR1E116757 Applications Condition Editor - Look up function is not supported for security manual list type setting. 9.50
QCCR1E127103 Applications You are now able to see in which Workflow, Workflow Phase, or transition a RuleSet is used 9.50
QCCR1E126939 Documentation The documentation is updated to describe how the multiple user selections feature works 9.50
QCCR1E96956 Documentation The Service Manager documentation is updated to emphasize that SMIS is included out-of-box since Service Manager 9.2x 9.50
QCCR1E130471 Documentation Clarified the documentation that describes how to extend Smart Ticket to the Incident module 9.50
QCCR1E129392 Documentation An example about how to use Approval Roles in Service Catalog approvals correctlyis added to the Service Manager Help Center" 9.50
QCCR1E128291 Integrations Request Task OO flows can now be executed if the parent request is in the "Order" workflow 9.50
QCCR1E130538 Integrations UCMDB configuration is moved to Integration Manager 9.50
QCCR1E123225 Mobility The "Set Reminder" feature is now supported on the Mobility client 9.50
QCCR1E128757 Mobility The Mobility client now supports iOS9 9.50
QCCR1E98895 Server The Service Manager web client now supports SP-initiated web browser SSO using the SAML 2.0 9.50
QCCR1E131643 Server RTE supports openJDK8 9.50
QCCR1E127681 Server The Service Manager server now supports the cc, bcc, and fields for outbound emails 9.50
QCCR1E109766 Server HTML email templates in multiple languages are now included in the Service Manager language pack 9.50
QCCR1E90971 Server Service Manager now supports the SQL Server AlwaysOn feature 9.50
QCCR1E132716 Server adhocSql now supports LDAP files 9.50
QCCR1E132199 Server UNIX-based versions of the Service Manager RTE log unmangled function names in the stack trace logs 9.50
QCCR1E105563 Server You can now disable the log messages generated by the routine working of the CIT Web Service connector 9.50
QCCR1E129394 Server A KM export tool is now included in Service Manager 9.50
QCCR1E132904 Server "Sidebar Suggestions" in Smart Analytics can now be triggered manually 9.50
QCCR1E107121 Server Service Manager now processes synced BSM/OMI Incidents in multiple threads 9.50
QCCR1E106064 Server A new parameter is added to enable the Service Manager server to set the schema location to the HOST field in the http request header 9.50
QCCR1E133021 Server SOLR's embedded Tomcat version is upgraded to version 8.0.32 9.50
QCCR1E131612 Server A method is introduced that returns the current status of the trigger 9.50
QCCR1E124014 Server The Service Manager server now logs the time spent on every step of connecting to an Oracle database 9.50
QCCR1E129134 SRC The "Request For" user can update or close support requests in SRC 9.50
QCCR1E130661 SRC Through API tailoring, the SRC Checkout Panel field can now use a condition that queries other fields 9.50
QCCR1E90366 SRC You can now hide user selections on the catalog item details form in SRC 9.50
QCCR1E132114 SRC SRC now supports the customization of widget color and search result panel color 9.50
QCCR1E133931 SRC SRC can now extract the DN from a SAN (Subject Alternative Name) 9.50
QCCR1E129225 SRC You can now configure SRC to open URLs in either the current tab or a new tab 9.50
QCCR1E123264 SRC The SRC Tablet application for Android now supports integration with SiteMinder Authentication 9.50
QCCR1E131418 SRC You can now change the widget colors on the dashboard page and the KM list header colors on the search result page 9.50
QCCR1E124268 SRC SRC Tablet now supports iOS 9 9.50
QCCR1M2359 SRC You can now cancel Service Requests from the SRC user interface 9.50
QCCR1E132582 Upgrade and installation The Service Manager language pack now includes html tempate records 9.50
QCCR1E130698 Upgrade and installation The Upgrade Utility and Apps Patch Manager menus are combined 9.50
QCCR1E131033 Upgrade and installation Field level merge is supported for simple objects when you resolve conflicts created by renamed objects during an upgrade 9.50
QCCR1E132482 Upgrade and installation The ScriptLibrary merge window now uses a Javascript editor style 9.50
QCCR1E132835 Upgrade and installation The Compare Merge window displays XML using a color syntax when you view upgrade conflicts 9.50
QCCR1E132580 Upgrade and installation The Upgrade Utility folder structure is simplified 9.50
QCCR1E104622 Web client The More actions menu is now displayed when right-click in the web client 9.50
QCCR1E154152 Web client You can now dynamically resize drop-down list windows 9.50
QCCR1E131640 Web client The Service Manager web tier now supports OpenJDK 9.50
QCCR1E130264 Web client You no longer need to log in to Servicce Portal if you are already logged in to Service Manager when LW-SSO is configured in both Service Manager and Servicce Portal 9.50
QCCR1E79882 Web client You can now drag and drop files to the web client attachment area 9.50
QCCR1E48958 Web client The mouse pointer now changes into a hand icon when you hover over default links in the main menu of the Service Manager employee self-service form 9.50
QCCR1E104944 Web client Dynamic fields added for the User Selections of a Service Catalog item are no longer displayed when their Visible Condition validation is set to false 9.50
QCCR1E88189 Web client A new Link label adds clickable external URLs to text area controls 9.50
QCCR1E131156 Web client Text that starts with ftp:// or notes:// is now clickable in text area controls 9.50
QCCR1E130449 Web client The record list hover page now works for both the horizontal and vertical layouts 9.50
QCCR1E129149 Web client To-Do Alerts are now automatically acknowledged when you click a record ID link in the alert 9.50
QCCR1E98989 Web client The Service Manager web tier supports IIS 8.0 and 8.5 9.50
QCCR1E131246 Windows client The Service Manager Windows client now supports Windows 10 9.50
QCCR1E127849 Windows client The Windows client JavaScript editor is enhanced 9.50

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