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Upgrade the applications

The following diagram illustrates the recommended HPE Service Manager 9.50 applications upgrade paths. The paths and arrows symbolize direct upgrades.

Note If you are using SM7.1x or SM9.2x, you must firstly upgrade the applications version to 9.41 before you can further upgrade to SM9.50 applications. Refer to Applications Upgrade Guide (from SM7.1x) and Applications Upgrade Guide (from 9.2x) for more information.

Follow these steps to run the Upgrade Utility with the Upgrade package to upgrade your applications from version 9.3x/9.4x:

  1. Make sure you have upgraded your Service Manager server and clients to version 9.50.

    For details, see Upgrade the platform components.

  2. Run the SM 9.50 Upgrade Utility with the Upgrade package. For details, see Applications upgrade overview.