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Problem Management help hub

HPE Service Manager Problem Management can help you to identify the underlying reasons for one or more incidents, implement workarounds, identify known errors, and provide permanent solutions that minimize the effects of incidents caused by errors in the IT infrastructure.

User roles

Describes the ITIL user roles as implemented by Service Manager.

Problem Management user roles

Key concepts

The most important things you need to know about how the Problem Management module functions and interacts with other modules.

Problem Management overview

Proactive and reactive Problem Management

Problem Control overview

Error Control overview

Problem Management searches

Incident Management relationship

Change Management relationship

Additional resources

Processes and Best Practices Guide

User workflows

Describes the ITIL worflows as implemented by Service Manager and the sub tasks that end users need to perform to execute the workflows.

Problem Management workflows and user tasks

Administrator tasks

Describes the individual steps an Administrator needs to take to configure the Problem Management workflows, assign problem categories, and Problem phases/error phases.

Configure the Problem Management settings

Configure the Problem Management environment