Install > Download the Service Manager installation files

Download the Service Manager installation files

The Service Manager installation files are released as the packages described in the following table.

Package Components
  • Server
  • Windows Client
  • Web Tier
  • Mobility Client
  • Service Request Catalog (SRC)
  • Service Manager Service Portal
  • Solr Search Engine and KM Import Utility
  • Application Upgrade Utility
  • Redistributables (open source and third-party components and license files)

    Note This Redistributables archive does not include the open source components contained in Service Manager Service Portal, which are identical to the open source components included in HPE Propel 2.20.p1. You can download them from

  • Help Center
  • Documentation (in PDF format)
  • Smart Analytics
  • Collaboration
  • HPE Identity Manager (IdM) service
  • Crystal Reports Service Manager language packs Open Localization Toolkit

Before you proceed, download the installation packages. For details, contact your HPE representative.