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Known issues, limitations, and workarounds

Service Manager 9.50 has the following known issues and limitations. This is a cumulative list of known issues and limitations in Service Manager, including those that are already documented in previous release notes.

Global ID Component Issue Introduced in version
QCCR1E136984 Documentation The search function in the Help Center does not work on pages that contain interactive tables. 9.50
QCCR1E136998 Integration When the UCMDB Browser is embedded in UCMDB, the Get Related and Impact Simulation widgets that are embedded in Service Manager do not work. 9.50
QCCR1E136810 Applications User Option values are not passed to the OO Flow if a Change Task is opened in the first phase during run time. 9.50
QCCR1E135332 Service Portal When Smart Analytics is enabled, type-ahead is not suggested from knowledge library when you search Knowledge Library. 9.50
QCCR1E137165 Service Portal

The QMS component in Smart Analytics does not support SSL to communicate with Service Portal (or Propel) search.

Workaround You can change the QMS port value to the IDOL query port to bypass QMS. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the /opt/hp/propel/search/search.yml file.

    # vi /opt/hp/propel/search/search.yml
  2. Search for "qms" in the "idol" section, and then modify the port value from the QMS port (16000 by default ) to the IDOL Server port (14000 by default) as in the following example:

       hostname: <IDOL server FQDN>
       port: 14000
       oemKey: <oemKey value>
       executionIsolationThreadTimeoutInMillis: 80000
         threadPoolCoreSize: 10
         keepAliveTimeMinutes: 1
  3. Run the following commands to restart the search service:

    # service search stop
    # service search start
QCCR1D231005 Service Portal When you remove an organization from identity management, Servicce Portal times out. 9.50
QCCR1D218198 Service Portal After changing the master password, the Servicce Portal organizations are no longer accessible. 9.50
QCCR1E136061 Service Portal Records are renamed in Service Manager after you apply the Service Portal 2.20p1 unload to Service Manager 9.41 and then upgrade to Service Manager 9.50. 9.50
QCCR1D230491 Service Portal The "Associated Service" field in the KM template is not displayed correctly in Service Portal. 9.50
QCCR1D230492 Service Portal Label words in the KM template are not correctly displayed in the Service Portal portal when the browser language is set to Simplified Chinese or Portuguese (Brazil). 9.50
QCCR1D230825 Service Portal The KM details page is displayed incorrectly in Service Portal. 9.50
QCCR1D231198 Service Portal The "Description", "Name", and "Attachment" fields in request forms are not controlled by the form of the catalog item in Service Portal or by SRC tailoring in Service Manager. 9.50
QCCR1E135706 Service Portal Smart Search results contain duplicate entries in a Service Manager and Servicce Portal integration if there is one or more replica servers. 9.50
QCCR1E135986 Smart Analytics Data is lost when IDOL performs a full index if the operator and the server are in different time zones. 9.50
QCCR1E136724 Smart Analytics

A RAD error occurs if you clear the Module name field when you add a Smart Ticket configuration.

Workaround Set the module name again.

QCCR1E136720 Smart Analytics

The Document ID field in the Contact lib configuration is a contact name, which can be modified by customers.

Workaround Set the Document ID field another non-editable and unique field.

QCCR1E136304 Smart Analytics Global search cannot search some indexed meta data documents for attachments. 9.50
QCCR1E136067 Installation and upgrade

The text strings "Change Category", "Change Task Category", "Problem Phase", and "Interaction Status" are not localized on the Todo view.

Workaround Set the display list and value list of the columns in the relevant forms manually.

QCCR1E136563 Service Manager Survey Survey can create interactions with inactive categories (such as complaint and compliment). 9.50
QCCR1E136532 Applications English text strings are displayed in the Knowledge Management-related records status list for a linked svcCatalog. 9.50
QCCR1E135675 Service Portal Service Manager Service Portal does not support Danish or Swedish. 9.50
QCCR1E136563 Service Manager Survey Survey can create interactions for inactive categories (for example, complaint and compliment). 9.50
QCCR1D219352 Applications After you enable the Solr plugin for Knowledge Article search in Service Portal, the Vote and Leave comment buttons do not work when you view a KM article that originates from Service Manager. 9.50
QCCR1E135768 Service Manager server

When you try to link a new external type of knowledge by clicking Preview, the relationship is not created.

Workaround Link the new external knowledge manually.

QCCR1E135137 Service Manager server

If a record contains an attachment in the .eml format (for example, if you use the Smart Email feature) and when "eml" is not specified in the knowledgebase definition as a file extension to be skipped, the Solr search engine fails to index this record and the following message is displayed.

Error Message: Error indexing document, bad attachment

Workaround Add "eml" to the Skip these extensions field on the Type information tab for the corresponding knowledgebase definition.

QCCR1E130699 Smart Analytics

When you import HPIT KM data, a data length error occurs.

QCCR1E130700 Smart Analytics

When you import HPIT KM data, categories that do not already exist in Service Manager are not imported.

QCCR1E135647 Security If you have never logged in to the SAML SSO-enabled web client, Service Request Catalog, or Mobility client, you cannot log in by using legacy LWSSO. 9.50
QCCR1H108511 Security When you log out of a non-HPE product that is directly authenticated via ADFS, you are not logged out of HPE products that are authenticated via IDM. 9.50
QCCR1E132020 Security

When FIPS mode is enabled (fipsmode:2 is specified in the sm.ini file), Service Manager initialization might be slow in Linux/Unix environments. This issue is caused by a lack of entropy (randomness) available on the system used for random number generation and can commonly occur on systems that are not receiving much direct user input, such as virtual machines.

Workaround You can direct the JVM to use /dev/urandom with the following directive:

Add the following line to the Server's sm.ini file:

Alternatively, you can add the following line to the jre/lib/security/ file:


For additional information, see the following important third-party information:

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E132194 Smart Analytics

The ssl configuration topic of the Smart Analytics document is missing information to configure level2proxy and image server. The information to configure the CFS server is also incorrect.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E130718 Mobility

When you rotate the screen of an iOS9-based device to landscape and then back to portrait, the Mobility client page is incorrectly displayed.

Workaround Refresh the browser.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E128546 Smart Analytics On a virtual machine with Interl(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7700 @2.40 Ghz, 2.59 GHz(4Processors), a memory leak occurs on the http connector server. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E128412 Service Manager server On Unix platforms, the legacy listener does not work if Service Manager server uses the Oracle 12c instant client. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124820 Service Manager server

After you add the "Service Display Name" field to a Change view and specify the "Service" field as a group-by field, an error occurs and the view does not load when you sort the view by Service Display Name.

Workaround Add either the “Service” field or the “Service Display Name” field to both the view and the list of group-by fields.

Note that the “Service” field is preferred because this field is populated with CI Display Name values. There is no need to add the second level field, Service Display Name.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127873 Applications

In the Service Manager (SM) Hybrid mode, calling the SM RESTful API for UCMDB integration for the first time will fail.

Workaround Make a call to the API after you set up the SM Hybrid environment.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127858 Service Manager server

The index status is not updated into the Knowledge Management knowledge base, and thus the library cannot be searched in the main search page and the context-aware page.

Workaround Drill down into the Knowledge Maintenance page for the library to synchronize the index status into the Knowledge Management knowledge base.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127872 Smart Analytics

The IDOL content service does not start on machines that have 24 CPU cores configured.

Workaround You can apply a workaround if the following error appears in the application.log of the content server:

[1] 70-Error: Error: Attempt to open [ =…)0] failed. (No such file or directory). The file open mode [rb] does not permit creation of a new file.

In this case, modify the following parameters in the configuration of the content server, and then restart the content server.

[Server] Threads=x [AsyncActions] Threads=y let x+y<32

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127858 Smart Analytics

The new library index status is not updated in the "kmknowledgebase" table when you click Full Reindex in the Knowledge Maintentance page.

Workaround Refresh the status in library configuration.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127861 Applications The of the CI is displayed on the "Edit OO flow" widget for Emergency Change records in the "Build and Test" phase. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126469 Web client

Chrome 44 refuses to send https requests to a web server with a self-signed SSL certificate. Additionally, you receive the following error message:

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE

Since all requests are blocked, the web server terminates the user session after a while and the user is logged out.

Workaround Use Chrome 43 instead.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124206 Service Manager survey Service Manager survey does not support multiple companies. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124149 Service Manager reports Records that do not satisfy query conditions for selected lines are displayed in the calculation chart report. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124144 Service Manager reports You cannot drill down into the calculation and duration charts when the aggregator is set to MIN or MAX. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124821 Web client Auto-complete does not work when the link line of the associated field has the "Skip Query Rewriting" option enabled. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E122174 Web client SMC does not support RTL. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124466 Smart Analytics Error messages displayed in English are not indexed in localized language versions. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E125500 Web client If you enable the "preventDuplicatedAttachmentName" parameter in web.xml and then upload the same file twice, an error message is not displayed in the Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126359 Smart Analytics English text in screenshots is not recognized correctly when your contact language is Arabic. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E121838 Service Manager Reports Labels overlap on Stacked Horizontal bar charts in Reports. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E122115 Service Manager Reports Values less than 0 are not displayed correctly in bar or area charts. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E125879 Service Manager Reports The additional Request Overview (PD) (Global) dashboard and its reports are displayed in Classic mode. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E122716 Smart Analytics You cannot drill down into the index for fsylib. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127170 Smart Analytics You cannot tailor OO flows. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E123090 Smart Analytics Special characters cannot be searched for in IDOL. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E123438 Smart Analytics An error message with an unclear meaning is displayed when the OMNI Group Server is offline. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124369 Smart Analytics Some returned results from external libraries are not highlighted. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124633 Smart Analytics When you set all Index Weight values to “No Index” and then click Save, the configuration is saved incorrectly. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126198 Smart Analytics The Smart Search Configuration tab is incorrectly named “environment: knowledge management”. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126737 Smart Analytics Links in the file system search results do not open in Firefox or Chrome. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126780 Smart Analytics The pagination count is not correct in the main search page. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126842 Smart Analytics The “Set parent” button in Smart Search should not be shown for non-Process Designer-based Incidents. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126847 Smart Analytics The reported number of search results from the catalog library is not correct. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126848 Smart Analytics SharePoint pages are indexed into IDOL incorrectly. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126852 Smart Analytics Type ahead cannot use the display value of a global list in the advanced filter function in Smart Search. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126886 Smart Analytics The Change Service value does not display the CI Display Name. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126901 Smart Analytics Preconditions should be merged if there are multiple preconditions for a file, but the criteria conflict. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126974 Smart Analytics The reported number of search results is incorrect. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126978 Smart Analytics You cannot select the ID-title in Smart Search in Internet Explorer 10. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127031 Smart Analytics No error message is displayed in the library if the attachment is not indexed successfully. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127368 Smart Analytics

If you use fields that are not in the form in the match criteria of a predefined filter in Smart Search, Smart Search does not work.

Workaround Add the fields used in the match criteria of the predefined filter in context aware search into the form of the current working ticket.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124715 Smart Analytics You cannot connect to IDOL with an IPv6 address. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124520 Smart Analytics On a tablet, the back and forward buttons do not work correctly in IDOL external webpage details pages. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E125084 Smart Analytics The number of search results changes after you click to view the next page. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126163 Service Manager server In the HS environment, locked sessions cannot be killed from the Show Locks format (system.status.locks.g). 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E125549 Service Manager server

If there is in the hosts file, the hostname is displayed as "localhost.localdomain" in the result of the command "sm -reportlbstatus".

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127029 Service Request Catalog The average response time of the "src01_02_search" transaction is more than 2s in 9.41, compared to that of 0.8s in the previous release. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E125884 Smart Analytics The old Knowlege Management search icon is still displayed. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127213 Smart Analytics The "Content1" service cannot be started by the "Start Service" function in the IDOL installer. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E121838 Service Manager Reports In the "Stacked Horizontal bar" report, the value label is truncated. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E122716 Smart Analytics

Users cannot drill down into index for fsylib links.

Workaround The fsyslib link refers to URLs with the "file://" protocol in search results. However, Firefox and Chrome do not open such links when they are clicked in the result page or in the pages that are originated from outside the local machine. This is a design decision made by those browsers to improve security. Internet Explorer supports this functionality by default.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E123433 Applications The display name is not displayed in the mass update interface. Instead, only the logical name is displayed. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E120454 Applications The datadict record cannot be saved when the display name is changed. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127326 Integrations UCMDB federation is blocked. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E122190 Applications If you set a fuzzy search condition before, the comfill box that has the reference table setting on displays an empty list. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E119964 Applications When a new record is added in dbdict, the alias of type is not removed and the alias for is not created. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E120414 Service Manager server Service Manager does not reference a function if the field is a variable. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E121852 Windows client The Fill button does not work if the values of the "diaplay list" and "value list" are set in Windows client. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E122160 Applications The comfill control of the CI in the "Add Filter Criteria" wizard does not work. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E123135 Applications The CI Display Name is not displayed on the "Asset Allocation" form. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E123311 Web client An "No Record Found" error is displayed when characters are deleted from the end of the value filled by the auto complete functionality. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E123536 Applications The of the CI is displayed for the "Create Template from Record" interface of an incident record. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E123716 Web client The order is not correct for CI Name in the pivot table. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124360 Web client A tab cannot be closed in the dialog mode. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124423 Applications Reference cannot be set on the member of an array of a structure. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E125032 Web client The style of the popup window is lost when the session is refreshed. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E125204 Applications When the Affected CI in the cross table is exported as a list, the logical name is displayed. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126003 Applications No validation is done when you input an invalid CI in a service level target. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126006 Applications The logical name of a CI is displayed in the "Additional Properties" tab in a Request task. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127712 Web client An "invalid CI" error message is displayed when you select the CI through the auto complete functionality. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E121670 Service Manager server The value of the comfill control is not restored if it is an array list in the change record. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127303 Web client Chinese characters sent from Lync are displayed as "????" in Service Manager Collaboration. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127732 Mobility

The page is hung after you fill the incident subcategory in Chrome (version 44) on Android.

Workaround Refresh the page in this case, and the list will be displayed. You can then select an item and save the record successfully.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E128218 Applications When you are adding/modifying CI relationships, the following Relationship Type values are available for selection: Accesses, Aggregation, ClientServer, Composition, and so on, (which are correct values). However, when you are viewing CI relationships in the CI detail form, you can select only the following Relationship Type values as a filter: All, Logical, and Physical (which are no longer used in Service Manager 9.41). 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126631 Process Designer

When you select a value for a task category in the task planner two times, only one value is available the second time.

Workaround To see all list items, clean the combo field and click the drop-down button again.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E126641 Smart Analytics Related record information for Phase, Status, and Title in the Interaction details page is not displayed until you exit the related Incident session. 9.41 and patches
QCCR1E127857 Install and upgrade

An error that indicates the query field "pd.enabled" in "upginfo" is not defined in "dbdict" is generated when smupgrade is invoked.

Workaround Purge data and reload preupg.bin again after preupg.bin is loaded for the first time.

9.41 and patches
QCCR1E124819 Install and upgrade

After an upgrade to 9.40, some users cannot see the inboxes.

Tip To solve this issues, do the following after the upgrade:

Step 1. Mass unload the inboxes.

  1. Type "db" in the command line, and press Enter to open the Database Manager.
  2. Enter "inbox" in the Table field, and then click Search.
  3. Double-click "inbox.view" from the list that is displayed.
  4. Click Search to display all inboxes.
  5. Click "Mass Unload" from the record list pane.
  6. Follow the wizard to export all inbox records to an unload file.

Step 2. Remove all inboxes

  1. Type "db" in the command line, and press Enter to open the Database Manager.
  2. Select the Administration mode check box.
  3. Enter "inbox" in the Table field, and then click Search.
  4. Double-click "inbox.view" from the list that is displayed.
  5. Click Search to display all inboxes.
  6. Click Mass Delete to delete all inboxes.

Step 3. Load the exported inboxes back to SM

1. Type "db" in the command line, and press Enter to open the Database Manager.

2. Right-click the window, and then select Import/Load.

3. In the File Name field, browse to the unload file that you created previously.

4. Click Load FG to load the inbox records.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E121160 Service Manager server

The HPE Legacy listener does not connect to the Service Manager database after the primary key feature is enabled.


  1. Make the following changes to the SQLServer SQL:

    ALTER TABLE [932].[dbo].[OPERATORM1]
    ADD RECORD_KEY varchar(60) NOT NULL DEFAULT('a')
    ALTER TABLE [932].[dbo].[OPERATORA1]
    ADD RECORD_KEY varchar(60) NOT NULL DEFAULT('a')
    ALTER TABLE [932].[dbo].[OPERATORA5]
    ADD RECORD_KEY varchar(60) NOT NULL DEFAULT('a')
    UPDATE [932].[dbo].[OPERATORM1]
    UPDATE [932].[dbo].[OPERATORA1]
    UPDATE [932].[dbo].[OPERATORA5]

  2. Log on to Service Manager, open the Operator dbdict, and then import this new column.

  3. Add this new column as the unique key.
9.40 and patches
QCCR1E135225 Service Manager server Crystal Reports cannot access Request data by using sc_report_odbc. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E118066 Service Manager studio

Truncation and overlapping of elements on the details page of the Missing Reference Report occurs when you use the vertical view.

Workaround Resize the details page to make it wider or use the horizontal layout.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E117293 Service Manager studio When you rebuild relationships in Relationship Manager, link type relationships that have a "fixed" status are removed. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E115272 Service Manager studio ERDs cannot be recovered when you open another tab in the same browser. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E93098 Applications

When you modify a problem record, and then try to close the record whilst a backend process modifies the record at the same time, you are prompted with a message that asks you to merge the conflict.

However, after the record is merged, you cannot close the problem record.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E118260 Applications

When you search for an incident, interaction, or change in a heavily-populated database, the operation takes more than 20 seconds.

Workaround Change the first unique key to the primary key for the modules that have this issue.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E116869 Service Manager server

The primary key is lost after you change the length of a field in a dbdict.

Workaround Manually recreate the primary key.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E112005 Service Manager server

Due to a limitation in Oracle 11g, records in the patchrelresults and scmessage tables that have a Primary Key cannot be unloaded correctly in an Oracle 11g database.

Workaround Change the Primary Key of the patchrelresults and scmessage tables to a Unique Key before you perform the unload.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E111068 Process Designer

When you click a Change model in the navigation tree in Firefox, a TypeError occurs.

Workaround Use Internet Explorer or Chrome.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E112202 Process Designer When a workflow description tooltip contains too many lines, the background color is incorrectly displayed as white. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E113131 Process Designer When you save a record for which an additional form is configured, the display returns to the primary form. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E115310 Process Designer Hotkeys are not supported for menu items in the workflows page. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E115608 Process Designer

You cannot modify the option ID of workflow-based actions, and an option ID that duplicates an ID in display options may be generated.

Workaround Manually change the display option ID.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E115772 Process Designer In Internet Explorer, the workflow viewer may unexpectedly scroll right or down if you have a scroll bar and the browser zooms in. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E115828 Process Designer You cannot expand or collapse the workflow list folder by using the Space key. This behavior is therefore not consistent with accesibility behaviour in the standard client. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E116043 Process Designer

The workflow viewer moves to next phase incorrectly when an automatic transition is blocked by an unclosed task.

Workaround Reload the record.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E116343 Process Designer The query editor may be launched with an incorrect query record table name. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E116937 Process Designer Requests that have an open request task cannot transition to the next phase, but activities can be saved. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E117154 Process Designer There is no reminder to users that they must set the table name of a rule set in order to populate the "Group Field Name" and "Service Field Name" drop-down lists in the Assignment rule configuration form. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E117366 Process Designer

The User Option condition does not work correctly when the option value is an array type.

Workaround In Condition Editor, set the value of User Option UO1 = {"1"} instead of User Option UO1 = "1"

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E118589 Process Designer

If you use the task editor to edit a task in a change model, and then try to save the change model, you receive a "The record being updated has been modified since read" error message.

Workaround Close the current change model and open it again to update the changes in the change model other than the task editor changes.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E118741 Process Designer

Inconsistencies can occur between Change categories and "Open in Phase'/'Close by Phase" tasks in change models.

Workaround Manually update the "Open in Phase" and "Close by Phase" in Task Planner.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E117551 Installation and upgrade

You receive the following error after you upgrade Service Manager:

Invalid object name 'CM3RM2'

Note Ignore this error if CM3RM2 is created after the upgrade.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E117439 Mobile client

The form retrieves members from the "COORDINATOR" group as the Change Coordinator values. However, the current data source table is "cm3groups," which is for Service Manager Classic.

Workaround Use the "assignment" table instead of the "cm3groups" table in Service Manager Codeless.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E103336 Mobile client There is no split line between the Updates tab and the Approval tab in an Emergency Change record when you use the Google Chrome browser for Android. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E117328 Mobile client A Reject Reason is filed in the retraction page with an empty Reject Reason option. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E117598 Mobile client The Array comfill is displayed as a black block when you use the Mobile Applications in the self-service user view. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E115349 Mobile client Items in the "My open Requests" and "My Closed Requests" lists are not displayed in the correct order. The latest request to be created does not appear at the top. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E118626 Mobile client

Pictures attached to interactions are not saved to the local gallery in IOS 8.1.1.

Workaround Use the Chrome browser instead of Safari.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E118215 Smart Analytics The Distributed Image Server does not support large size images (over 1MB) in concurrent user testing. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E118907 Smart Analytics Hot Topic Analytics does not support accessibility as expected. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E113455 Service Manager Reports

The remote path and mapping path cannot be set in the File Server Base Path if you do not start Service Manager with administrative privelages.

Workaround Start Service Manager as an administrator.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E109588 Service Manager Reports List reports cannot retrieve data from replicated databases. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E110835 Service Manager Reports

Reports that have long legend text do not print as expected.

Workaround Shorten the legend label.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E105868 Service Manager Reports Service Manager loads reports in a dashboard one-by-one. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E105815 Service Manager Reports

Service Manager server CPU utilization is higher than expected when the ToDo queue is set as the landing page and the inbox size exceeds 50K.

Workaround Check the inbox size periodically, and control the size manually.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E109576 Service Manager Reports

When you export a report from the webtier, the report data and definition are fetched from server. Therefore, the exported and on-screen reports may differ if you have modified the report data but not refreshed the screen.

Workaround Refresh the dashboard before exporting a report.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E118434 Service Manager Reports The temp file in the Tomcat temp directory cannot be deleted after the session is closed. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E106640 Service Manager Reports Query conditions in the condition box and condition builder are not consistent. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E118269 Service Manager Reports

The JVM heap size for the report.export thread needs to be at least 1024MB when the export threads are configured to 10.

Workaround Set a dedicated Service Manager instance for the reporting schedule.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E111234 Service Manager Reports You can export reports as a PDF only in the system language font. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E117603 Service Manager Reports The meaning of the text string "inbox" is not always clear. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E118983 Applications

If your SQL Server database uses Unicode with a collation that does not support a specific language (for example, Latin1_General_100_BIN, which does not support Chinese), when you create an HTML Template with a name containing text in that language, save the template and open the template again through a search, the template name is displayed incorrectly – characters in that language are displayed as unrecognizable text.

Workaround Click Tailoring > Database Dictionary, search for "htmltemplates," click the htmlcode field, and then change the SQL RC value to "true."

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E119106 Applications

If your SQL Server database uses Unicode with a collation that does not support a specific language (for example, Latin1_General_100_BIN, which does not support Chinese), when you create a knowledge document whose title contains characters in the unsupported language, the document is displayed correctly. However, if you search in the Knowledge Library using keywords from the document, the document is returned in the search results with characters in that language displayed as unrecognizable text.

Workaround Click Tailoring > Database Dictionary, search for "kmknowledgebaseupdates,"click the recdata field, and then change the SQL RC value to "True."

If you already have garbled data in your search results, perform a full index against that library.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E89819 Applications

The "Request TCAB Approval" step in the Normal Change workflow takes more than 100 seconds to complete when there are 6000 users in the database.

Workaround Modify the "operator" dbdict manually to fix this issue. First, create a new "a6" table in the SQL Tables tab. Then, modify the value of the "secRole" field from "m1" to "a6" in the Fields tab for both fields (array field and child field).

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E117326 Applications The total cost of a Request, Incident, Problem, Change, or task record is recalculated when you update the cost information. Therefore, when you update an operator’s hourly rate, the historical cost of the record (that is, cost that is already incurred) may also be updated incorrectly. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E118616 Applications The Create One Request Fulfillment Record for each Device of Class X at location Y effect option in Scheduled Maintenance does not work correctly. 9.40 and patches
QCCR1E114145 Applications

If two items in a bundle have the same user option name, only the last user option can be referenced by the system for evaluation.

Workaround Do not use duplicate user options for items in one service catalog bundle.

9.40 and patches
QCCR1E117903 Applications When you cancel a planned purchase task before you finish creating it, validation of the task still occurs. 9.40 and patches

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