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Case Exchange framework

HPE Service Manager Case Exchange is a solution to exchange data between two Service Manager systems or between Service Manager and another product. The Case Exchange framework mainly facilitates the following operations:

  • Sending and receiving data
  • Viewing and processing the exchanged data in the native environment

To leverage Case Exchange capabilities, the systems to be connected must support REST-based Web Services in JSON format. SOAP-based Web Services are not supported. The following chapters describe the functionalities of Case Exchange and their expected behaviors.

It is highly recommended that the personnel who implement Case Exchange with another system have the experience in the following Service Manager technologies:

  • REST-based Web Services
  • Process Designer framework
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • Service Manager Integration Suite (SMIS)

During the implementation, you can refer to the following documentation:

Note The scope of support is limited to the behavior of APIs and product features documented. HPE is responsible for the correct operation of those features and APIs. HPE is not responsible for debugging scripts or code created to utilize these features to implement a solution. In order to receive the best possible support, HPE asks customers to provide a reproducible unit test scenario that demonstrates the error or unexpected behavior of the API or documented feature.