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Service Manager Tailoring has information for System Administrators and implementers who install and configure Service Manager. Use Service Manager Tailoring to make further changes to support site-specific requirements, including special field validation, new or modified forms design, expanded or varied workflow, and automatic notifications.

Tailoring is any change to standard functionality without changing actual code. For example, you can:

  • Change the look and operation of forms.
  • Change default values for objects on forms that Service Manager uses for field validation.
  • Create macros, scripts, and stored queries.
  • Make changes to record definitions.

Important Service Manager does not support excessive tailoring such as changing the user access of a module. For example, the Incident Management module is intended for power users only; if you tailor your system to make this module accessible through the employee self-service (ESS) interface, unpredictable results could occur to your system. For more information about the Windows client and different web client views, as well as their target user groups, see Windows client and Service Manager Web tier.