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Service Catalogs

A Service Catalog contains a comprehensive list of enterprise products and services available to internal and external customers, depending on their business role. Users submit service requests that follow the usual planning and approval workflows. Service Manager fulfills service requests by using an internal interface to route the requested data to the appropriate Service Manager application. The application that delivers the requested product or service opens any required fulfillment tasks.

Service Catalogs support the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) goals for Service Management. They integrate seamlessly with Service Level Management to measure and report on service level objectives for service request fulfillments. Service Catalogs set expectations for both customers and service providers about the delivery, quality, and level of services. Any Service Manager Business Service owner can create or maintain a Service Catalog using a simplified Service Manager interface and wizards to guide them in adding or changing service offerings.

Service Catalogs can include Information-only items as well as items that your customers can purchase. Purchasable items include item picture, description, attachments, and purchasing options. Information-only items, such as instructions on how to order something from an outside service, include only the item picture description and attachments and do not include purchasing options.