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Delta migration tool

As of version 9.34, Service Manager provides a delta migration tool to transfer the “delta data” from one Service Manager system (original system) to another (new system).

Typical scenario

There are times where you need to migrate data from one Service Manager server to another. Take the following scenario:

  • The original system is running live
  • You make a copy of it
  • You make changes to the workflow in the copy
  • You replace the original live system with the copy that has the new workflow

Of course from the time you made a copy until the time the new system goes live, end users are making changes. The following figure depicts this scenario.

Tip You can also use this tool to keep the data in a “test” system in sync with a “production” system or a “development” system in sync with a “test” system.

Data migration methods

The delta migration tool enables you to keep the original system and the copy in sync in either of the ways:

  • Allowing manual export or import of changed records
  • Scheduling an automated export or import

Caution For a table without the “sysmodtime” field, the tool cannot migrate “delta data” from the original system.


There are some prerequisites for using this tool. For details, see Prerequisites for using the delta migration tool.

Supported applications versions

This tool is already available in Service Manager 9.34 applications; to use this tool on earlier applications versions, you need to load DeltaMigrationTool.unl, which you can find in the Service Manager 9.34 Upgrade package root folder.