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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with the Web client

The Service Manager web client can be integrated with a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) application to automate the creation of interactions. To support CTI, the web tier URL must have ?telephonyuser=1 appended.

The web client CTI implementation provides two methods, which use different technologies.

Method Technology Supported functions Supported browsers
Legacy method

Uses a Java applet.

For details, see Use the legacy CTI method.

System event Internet Explorer, and Firefox
New method

Uses native HTML and JavaScript instead of the CTI applet. This method is supported only for Service Manager 9.50 or later, and does not require the installation of any CTI support code the first time users connect using the telephony URL.

For details, see Use the new CTI method.

  • System event
  • Transact
Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome

Important Although the legacy method is still supported for backward compatibility, HPE strongly recommends using the new method with Service Manager 9.50 or a later version. This is because the legacy method relies on the browser's ability to support Java applet technology and the new method does not.