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Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance enables you to create a scheduled maintenance system to reduce unplanned outages and system failures. The objective is to service systems before they fail rather than after they fail.

Scheduled Maintenance helps you administer, configure, and customize scheduled maintenance. It installs without requiring an upgrade, and runs independent of HPE Service Manager upgrades. It integrates into a pre-existing Service Manager installation without changing any tailoring and customization.

You should have an understanding of the Service Manager expression syntax and Database Manager to administer Scheduled Maintenance successfully.

A user can do the following tasks:

  • Establish a formalized Scheduled Maintenance system to reduce unplanned outages and system failures by servicing systems before they fail
  • Define and schedule recurring maintenance tasks, including Incident records, change requests, and Request Management quotes, using closed loop integration with Service Manager
  • Store all Scheduled Maintenance tasks in a single repository, ensuring that important maintenance occurs regularly
  • Automatically notify staff of all maintenance items as they become due
  • Enable users to create and update Scheduled Maintenance tasks even when they are unfamiliar with Service Manager
  • Create audit information
  • Create sophisticated or detailed maintenance tasks
  • Conform to existing Service Manager tailoring