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Service Manager maintenance tasks

One of the user roles within Service Manager is the System Administrator, who is usually responsible for the installation, configuration and maintenance of the Service Manager system to ensure proper availability, performance, and security.

This section describes a set of tasks the System Administrator needs to perform to ensure stability, performance, and security. The aim is to provide a list of typical Service Manager maintenance tasks touching all system relevant operations.

Note Because Service Manager is typically run as a tailored and integrated system, the list of tasks provided can neither be complete nor fit every system in all details. The intention of this section is to assist administrators to get an overall picture of their routine work and refine their current practice.

Frequency or trigger events for maintenance task execution

In order to provide a complete concept for maintenance tasks, each task described in this section is assigned a frequency or trigger event, assuming the task is executed manually. The frequency provided is only a suggestion to the System Administrator. If a task can be automated, a higher frequency may be desirable. To ensure a concrete Service Manager system, you may need to adjust these frequencies.

Automation of maintenance tasks

In order to effectively administrate a Service Manager system, the System Administrator should automate repetitive tasks as much as possible by using tools such as HPE BSM or HPE Operations Orchestrations, or by using shell scripts.

Automated tasks cause system load. Even when automation allows a higher frequency for administrative tasks, the additional system load must be anticipated.

When automating a task using external tools or a scheduled operating system script, be sure to handle the startup or shutdown of the Service Manager system or single servlets for maintenance. Frequent monitoring requests that Service Manager receives during shutdown or startup may cause instabilities. For example, switching the schedule for OS scripts on or off as a part of the Service Manager startup or shutdown script is recommended.

Reports and dashboards for the Service Manager administrator

The Service Manager Reporting module allows scheduled queries to run on the data, present the query results as dashboards, and send emails. Use this module to automate monitoring tasks.

For more information, see Service Manager Reports introduction.