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Install the Mobile Applications client

The field engineers are typically tasked to work with business users at a customer site, and they spend most of their time away from the office to resolve tickets. When Change Approvers are away from the office, they need a way to quickly approve or deny changes, so that pending work orders can be assigned. Service ManagerMobile Applications connect your company's people and information by providing your team access to the Change Management, Incident Management, and Service Desk applications through the use of smartphones. When these IT operators are away from the office, they can receive and view work assignments and perform the tasks below by using the Mobile Applications:

  • Approve and deny change requests.
  • Approve and deny interaction.
  • Reassign incidents/changes to the proper support group.
  • Search the knowledge base.
  • Open a support ticket.
  • Continue working on-site with customers.

These quick responses improve business metrics, as service level objectives are met.

This section provides instructions on how to install the Mobile Applications client (also referred to as the Mobility Client).