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Request Management help hub

HPE Service Manager Request Management manages user requests for products and services. Requests can affect only the person making the request, or a subordinate group of employees. Examples include password resets, individual PC upgrades, and new employee setup.

User roles

Describes the ITIL user roles as implemented by Service Manager.


Request Helpdesk Tech

Request Coordinator

Request Reviewer

Request Approver

Request Procurement Manager

Request Administrator

Key concepts

Describes the most important things that you need to know about how the Request Management module functions.

Request Management overview

Pre-implementation planning

Approvals in Request Management





Additional resources

Processes and Best Practices Guide

User workflows

Describes the ITIL workflows as implemented by Service Manager and the sub tasks that end users must perform in order to execute the workflows.

Service Request Logging (SO 3.1)

Service Request Approval (SO 3.2)

Service Request Provisioning (SO 3.3)

Service Request Validation and Closure (SO 3.4)

Create, Update or Retire Service Request Catalog Item (SO 3.5)

Service Request Monitoring (SO 3.6)

Service Request Escalation (SO 3.7)

Administrator tasks

Describes the Administrator tasks in the Request Management module.

Add a profile

Edit environment records

Access approval definitions

Access approval logs

Reset the number control application

Access the alert log file

Edit group records