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Smart Analytics overview

Built on Service Manager (SM) and using an OEM-licensed version of HPE IDOL, SM Smart Analytics heralds the debut of the "Big Data" edition of Service Manager. This powerful SM-IDOL integration drives automation further into ITSM processes by mining unstructured data and by extracting information from different types of data. Smart Analytics in the current release focuses on the following:

  • Improving the processes of Help Desk management
  • Reducing the time and effort expended on interaction submittals by end users and IT professionals
  • Accelerating the process of problem management
  • Improving search experience across a variety of internal and external content

Smart Analytics enables your Service Manager to become a more intelligent and efficient system by extracting and understanding your content. In this release, Smart Analytics includes the following features:

Smart Ticket

With Smart Ticket, you can quickly submit a Service Desk record by just entering a description or attaching a picture. Smart Analytics intelligently populates other fields, such as category or affected services, by extracting and analyzing the content that you entered in the record.

Hot Topic Analytics

Hot Topic Analytics intelligently displays an interactive diagram that indicates the hot topics among recent interactions, incidents, problems, or surveys. Hot Topic Analytics enables you to easily discover common issues, identify escalation candidates, and create new records for escalation based on the selected candidates.

Smart Search

Smart Search enables you to search across a variety of content, including Service Manager records (such as Incidents and Changes), SharePoint documents, static web pages, and KM documents. You can integrate multiple knowledge libraries by configuring different search connectors, so that Service Manager users can search all the information that they can access.

Note In Service Manager, Smart Email and Virtual Agent provide intelligent solutions using these Smart Analytics features.