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Configuration Management help hub

HPE Service Manager Configuration Management identifies, defines, and tracks organizational assets by creating and managing records for those items.

User roles

Describes the ITIL user roles as implemented by Service Manager.

Configuration Manager

Configuration Administrator

Configuration Auditor

CMS and Tools Administrator

Key concepts

Describes the most important things that you need to know about how the Configuration Management module functions.

Configuration Management overview

Configuration Management tables

Configuration item maintenance history

Searching Configuration Management

Generating a large number of incident records

Configuration Management security options

Additional resources

Processes and Best Practices Guide

User workflows

Describes the ITIL workflows as implemented by Service Manager and the sub tasks that end users must perform in order to execute the workflows.

Configuration management and planning (ST 3.1)

Configuration identification (ST 3.2)

Configuration control (ST 3.3)

Configuration status accounting and reporting (ST 3.4)

Configuration verification and audit (ST 3.5)

Manage master data (ST 3.6)

Administrator tasks

Describes the Administrator tasks in the Configuration Management module.

View a service level agreement for a configuration item

Configuration Management environment record

Contract Management overview

Configuration Management profile records