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Service Manager integration methods and tools

In addition to the integrations provided by Service Manager and other HPE products, you can use several utilities and methodologies to create your own Service Manager integrations.

Method or Tool Description
Web Services Allows you to connect to and consume external Web Services and to publish Service Manager tables as Web Services. For example, you might use web services to query external Web Services to validate an email address or a phone number when updating a contact record or automatically perform an Internet search using the brief description of the Service Desk interaction.
HPE Connect-It (CIT) Provides connectors that synchronize static data elements by simple data copying and by data transformation from source to destination. For example, you could use Connect-It to synchronize employee data from HPE Asset Manager to Service Manager though Web Services.
ServiceCenter Automation (SCAuto) Consists of a collection of automation products which enable external applications to integrate with Service Manager. For example, you might use SCAuto to open records, notify someone that their record has closed, or manage email between external mail programs.
Event Services Is a background processor that Service Manager uses to receive information generated from and to send information back to external systems. exchange of dynamic, "event-based" information. For example, you must use Event Services with JavaMail, Connect-It, SCMail, and SCAuto.
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Provides DDE client support in a Service Manager RAD (Rapid Application Development) application. For example, you might create a script to call Service Manager from a Windows application such as Microsoft® Excel.
BDM Mapping Management Allows you to configure BTO Data Modle (BDM) mapping records. BDM is intended to be used as a standard data model for integrations between HPE BTO products, for example, HPE Service Manager and HPE Business Service Management (BSM) . In Service Manager, a BDM mapping is a mapping between a Service Manager object (associated to a file in Service Manager) and a BDM object (predefined in BDM). A BDM mapping consists of three parts: field mapping, value mapping, and atom mapping.