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Introduction to the Programming guide

This document is intended for HPE Service Manager system administrators and implementers. It assumes that the reader is familiar with object-oriented programming, the Service Manager System language (RAD), and JavaScript. It provides a brief introduction to RAD, and it provides an overview of JavaScript functionality in Service Manager, using both examples and descriptions of JavaScript's objects, properties, methods, and functions.

System administrators and implementers can use the standard JavaScript scripting language and RAD to customize their Service Manager applications. RAD is the Service Manager system language that enables administrators and implementers to manipulate Service Manager processes and workflows. JavaScript is a widely supported, industry-standard programming language that eliminates the need for a separate programming skill set, and reduces user reliance on proprietary tools. JavaScript in Service Manager does not invalidate the current Service Manager RAD tool set; instead, the JavaScript interface is an alternative to the RAD language for tailoring.The main components of this document are:

  • System language (RAD)
  • JavaScript and Service Manager
  • Where to use JavaScript in Service Manager
  • System language reference that describes the RAD functions, rtecalls, and RAD routines
  • JavaScript and Service Manager reference that describes the JavaScript global system objects, JavaScript global methods, Service Manager defined JavaScript objects, JavaScript functions, JavaScript functions in the ScriptLibrary, and JavaScript examples