Release notes > Fixed defects

Fixed defects

Service Manager 9.50 fixes the following defects.

IDComponentSummaryFixed in versions
QCCR1E130401ApplicationsAll Survey emails display the same content in the Description field9.50
QCCR1E130962ApplicationsSLO does not work according to the condition set in Request Management9.50
QCCR1E132719ApplicationsCalendar works very slow when its related globallists includes lots of values9.50
QCCR1E132937ApplicationsWhen notification emails for multiple surveys are sent to the same recipient, the oldest survey notification email is incorrectly sent each time9.50
QCCR1E133386ApplicationsDisable OOB RAD email notification9.50
QCCR1E134331ApplicationsNormalized.query is not displayed correctly when you set a date field in the filter of a view9.50
QCCR1E127564ApplicationsDates entered in SRC items are shown in SM user options as GMT.9.50
QCCR1E123684ApplicationsPerformance issue when you work with cm3r data and a time period is defined9.50
QCCR1E129720ApplicationsThe Calendar's description box displays "null" on multiple lines9.50
QCCR1E57229ApplicationsThe Query file name is incorrectly spelled in the "incidents" data map9.50
QCCR1E122910ApplicationsPurge/Archive does not work correctly9.50
QCCR1E84450ApplicationsCannot import archived Incident records to SM9.50
QCCR1E67554ApplicationsCannot stop the alert scheduler by using the "s" command from the system status9.50
QCCR1E125009ApplicationsUnrecoverable error in RAD: on the init.model panel9.50
QCCR1E130107ApplicationsTemplates with quotation marks in the name cause issues9.50
QCCR1E131254ApplicationsThe "Page" option still exists in the "Set Reminder" function9.50
QCCR1E132791ApplicationsAn incorrect long SRC URL is generated by Service Manager when "querysecurity" is disabled and "WebServer URL" is set in the System Information Record9.50
QCCR1E132892ApplicationsThe list of filters for certain operations is not sorted alphabetically9.50
QCCR1E133169ApplicationsAn error occurs when you try to export data from the cm3r table9.50
QCCR1E133459ApplicationsChanges made to views in the "to-do" queue override the default settings applied in "My Preferences"9.50
QCCR1E133500ApplicationsThe legacy Smart Search feature does not work as expected9.50
QCCR1E133971ApplicationsVariables do not work in the stored.query RD application9.50
QCCR1E134320ApplicationsThe performance of the Data Migration Tool is not good in normal update mode9.50
QCCR1E134741ApplicationsAn error message is displayed when you close a page in Service Desk by clicking the "X" button9.50
QCCR1E69293ApplicationsState and Process "" references other records in the system that do not exist.This State and Process is not used and should be deleted.9.50
QCCR1E8946ApplicationsTypo in scmessage9.50
QCCR1E123062ApplicationsA blank pop-up window is displayed when you change an expired password and the LDAP server is down9.50
QCCR1E125088ApplicationsBackground process does not work with kmgroup records because the $ variable is null9.50
QCCR1E127789ApplicationsLogin is very slow if the SLA table contains a large number of records9.50
QCCR1E122083ApplicationsAfter you upgrade to Service Manager Codeless, the Process Designer Content Pack version information is not updated correctly9.50
QCCR1E127171ApplicationsNeed to update RAD sm.patchrel.write.file on the logic of disconnect panel9.50
QCCR1E101463ApplicationsAfter daylight saving time (DST) starts, Scheduled Maintenance Tasks creates one incident a minute for two to three hours9.50
QCCR1E127195ApplicationsUnable to create Incidents by using Scheduled Maintenance Tasks9.50
QCCR1E134458ApplicationsSet Reminder (us.set.reminder) does not take into account imTask records9.50
QCCR1E134735ApplicationsThe scheduler does not initialize the environment variables consistently in the foreground9.50
QCCR1E64152ApplicationsLog-in Performance Improvements: Global List Evaluation Improvements9.50
QCCR1E64156ApplicationsLog-in Performance Improvements: Improve build.list and fillcombo to benefit from the select column functionality9.50
QCCR1E129700ApplicationsAn Array field saves an incorrect value selected from a global list of countries9.50
QCCR1E134993ApplicationsScheduled exports do not contain delimiters between the record columns9.50
QCCR1E67589ApplicationsThe capability word 'mod.time.limit' does not actually do anything and should be removed9.50
QCCR1E125231ApplicationsIncorrect date calculation using holidays and dutyhours9.50
QCCR1E125775ApplicationsContext-aware search is triggered automatically only when you change the description of an incident9.50
QCCR1E133561ApplicationsThe "kmknowledgebasetemp" datadict record is missing9.50
QCCR1E133739ApplicationsWhen the Smart Analytics training process interrupted for some time, it cannot be resumed9.50
QCCR1E134554ApplicationsWhen Smart Analytics indexes a large number of records and once KMUpdate crashes, the system cannot resume indexing from the break point9.50
QCCR1E134615ApplicationsThe Installation guide is not clear about how to set up distributed servers9.50
QCCR1E134641ApplicationsWhen an Assignment Group of Incidents is empty, the text "NULL" in the Grouping View is not localized9.50
QCCR1E134702ApplicationsContext aware search is slower than global search9.50
QCCR1E135072ApplicationsSome data is lost when Smart Search indexes a library that has millions of data points9.50
QCCR1E135335ApplicationsThe minimum training sample setting is ignored9.50
QCCR1E135336ApplicationsThe Smart Ticket setting for the minimum number of training samples is used as the maximum number of training samples9.50
QCCR1E135853ApplicationsYou cannot initiate a search by pressing Enter9.50
QCCR1E136024ApplicationsThe first search for each key word after indexing results in a timeout9.50
QCCR1E136029ApplicationsSmart Analytics incremental indexing fails and cannot recover9.50
QCCR1E136410ApplicationsData is lost when the catalog library is indexed9.50
QCCR1E136533ApplicationsThe default stop phase is empty in qssp on a Linux distribution9.50
QCCR1E107968ApplicationsUCMDB customer ID of 1 is not allowed in Company records9.50
QCCR1E124589ApplicationsAuto-closure does not work properly in SM when is enabled in BDM mapping9.50
QCCR1E128690ApplicationsIDOL emebedded JRE6 should be removed from the Smart Analytics package9.50
QCCR1E131250ApplicationsWhen you use a mobile phone to take a photo of a computer screen, Smart Analytics cannot recognize the text in the photo9.50
QCCR1E133663ApplicationsOperations Orchestration flows cannot be automatically triggered when a change is approved9.50
QCCR1E135017ApplicationsThe task phase is delayed if one task succeeds while the other fails in a Service Manager and Operations Orchestration integration9.50
QCCR1E119210ApplicationsThe "State", "phase", and "category" fields are not localized in some Request Fulfillment, Time period, and Change forms9.50
QCCR1E125623ApplicationsButtons are not grayed out as expected when you use wizards in the Mobility client9.50
QCCR1E133292ApplicationsWhen you change the sub-category of requests and changes, the category and subcategory lists are hard-coded9.50
QCCR1E133293ApplicationsWhen you create a change or timeperiod, the model and category names contain hard-coded values9.50
QCCR1E116592ApplicationsThe subscribed service is missing from the Subscription Item when you set the Subscription Request Model to "Change Management"9.50
QCCR1E120848ApplicationsThe Activity log is corrupted after switching category9.50
QCCR1E121582ApplicationsThe Affected Services list retains information when you remove all Affected CIs9.50
QCCR1E124420ApplicationsThe Affected Services list retains information even when you remove all the Affected CIs9.50
QCCR1E124498ApplicationsError message when you enter the "Affected CI" in a Change9.50
QCCR1E124499ApplicationsDisplay error when clicking either the "View Opened Tasks" option or the "Create New Task task" optionin the Change logging phase9.50
QCCR1E124806ApplicationsChange Management record search does not work when you use the "Opened by", "Updated By", and"Closed by" fields9.50
QCCR1E125529ApplicationsAn invalid global list is set for the "phase" field in the standard change workflow form9.50
QCCR1E127575ApplicationsThe Change phase is still changed when you click the "No" button on the confirmation pop-up window9.50
QCCR1E128408ApplicationsThe Change title and Change Task title on the Details page are hardcoded9.50
QCCR1E128572ApplicationsWhen you open a Change, no activity record is created9.50
QCCR1E128721ApplicationsThe title of the "Custom Sort" pop-up window is hardcoded9.50
QCCR1E133286ApplicationsDependent tasks are created as Active in Request Fullfilment whilst the parent task is still Waiting9.50
QCCR1E133744ApplicationsThe Time Period option is not displayed in the Look For drop-down list9.50
QCCR1E58615ApplicationsRisk Assessment is misspelled ("Risk Assesment") on every Change Management form9.50
QCCR1E119514ApplicationsClosing or reopening change tasks causes outage processing errors9.50
QCCR1E123593ApplicationsFilter function of "Relationships" of "Configuration Item" doesn't operate normally9.50
QCCR1E127093ApplicationsThe CI relation graph performance is poor9.50
QCCR1E128409ApplicationsNo "Available" status is listed on the CI status drop-down list when some CI records are marked as "Available"9.50
QCCR1E131603ApplicationsThere is no label for the text area in the "Location" group in a configuration item record detail page9.50
QCCR1E133574ApplicationsEnglish text strings are displayed when you search CIs by using the advanced filter9.50
QCCR1E30816ApplicationsThe background color of the Delete Device Type wizard is not user friendly9.50
QCCR1E131584ApplicationsVarious fields in the "Financial" section of a contract record details page have the same name, which is confusing when they are read by JAWS9.50
QCCR1E119033Applications"Work In Progress" is displayed in English in a localized SM940 PD environment9.50
QCCR1E119880ApplicationsThere is no global list for the "current.phase" fields in the probsummary datadict9.50
QCCR1E124835ApplicationsCannot create an Incident if set Alert Location to Object.9.50
QCCR1E126876ApplicationsThe pm.number field is always null in assignmentchg records when you use the Delay Assigning Incident Number option9.50
QCCR1E133219Applications"update terminated - could not access row id" error when you update an incident in the web client9.50
QCCR1E75577ApplicationsMultiple usergrids cause custom sorts to fail9.50
QCCR1E129127ApplicationsError messages when you edit a published KM document and click an update from the past updates section9.50
QCCR1E133158ApplicationsDocumentation related to the "Tags" functionality for the "Reference" document type is missing within Contribute Knowledge9.50
QCCR1E114276ApplicationsThe focus order is not correct in the "New a Problem" page when the "useservertabs" parameter is set to true9.50
QCCR1E125496ApplicationsFail to open a Known Error record from the view in Favortes and dashboards panel9.50
QCCR1E127312ApplicationsInvalid values in the date/time field are not cleared after you receive the "Error" dialog in "Search Problems" / "Search Problem Management Tasks"9.50
QCCR1E131711ApplicationsThere is no label for the text area field in the "Description" tab of the "" form9.50
QCCR1E126802ApplicationsThe "This field is required" string is hardcoded when the required field is null in the add request task UI9.50
QCCR1E122590Applications"Visible to Customer" updates in Request Tasks do not work correctly9.50
QCCR1E123589ApplicationsSequence/Dependencies do not work correctly in Model records9.50
QCCR1E125311ApplicationsThe owner="null" query is used incorrectly when you select CIs in a request task9.50
QCCR1E129518Applications"Copy and Save" quotes should automatically copy all the line items under that Quote and avoid prompt line items selection9.50
QCCR1E129719ApplicationsAutomatic closure of request tasks does not work correctly9.50
QCCR1E131025ApplicationsAfter you upgrade to Hybrid mode, legacy quote requests cannot be saved9.50
QCCR1E131095ApplicationsThe rm.subtotal RAD on the set.fields panel contains unwanted rtecalls to log functions9.50
QCCR1E131778ApplicationsOrder by is reverted back to default when a list is refreshed9.50
QCCR1E133885Applicationsthe type of the Urgency field is incorrect in the "Wizard: Edit Template Value" page when you perform a mass update of request records9.50
QCCR1E134806ApplicationsLocalized actions in workflows are no longer translated after they are copied to another workflow9.50
QCCR1E136621ApplicationsError when adding an approval delegation for the Request module and folder entitlement is enabled9.50
QCCR1E136622ApplicationsError when adding an approval delegation for the Service Desk module when folder entitlement is enabled9.50
QCCR1E113401ApplicationsInactive items are displayed in the "popular items" tile in SRC9.50
QCCR1E121302ApplicationsMissingfield help for Sort Order in Service Catalog Item9.50
QCCR1E125939ApplicationsDate time userOption is not parsed as local time in the svcCartItem details page9.50
QCCR1E126617ApplicationsThe Service Catalog Item datetime user option in the Request details page is not parsed as local time9.50
QCCR1E126692ApplicationsThe svcCartItem user options in a Request details page are not displayed in the order that is defined in joinsvcDisplay9.50
QCCR1E127570ApplicationsUser selections are not synchronized between English and localized catalog items when you add new User Selections to the original English version9.50
QCCR1E127674ApplicationsYou cannot check out the items in saved Carts and Templates9.50
QCCR1E129608ApplicationsYou cannot remove an item from the cart and then add it again in SRC9.50
QCCR1E130509ApplicationsNon-English categories are not displayed in the catalog screen if catalog items have no English svcDisplay record9.50
QCCR1E132301ApplicationsA "Service is not valid" error message is displayed up after you select the "new CI for Service field" in the Service Catalog "Open an Incident" connector wizard9.50
QCCR1E134535ApplicationsYou cannot perform a DB options lookup by using a query that contains the RAD index function from Propel9.50
QCCR1E135337ApplicationsYou cannot query the probsummary table in Service Manager from within a catalog item in Propel9.50
QCCR1E135651ApplicationsIssue with the ScAPI_GetOptionsLookup script when you query the device table9.50
QCCR1E30467ApplicationsThe drop-down list for Approval Activities uses the actual field name instead of its caption9.50
QCCR1E60689ApplicationsThere is a spelling error in the "Approval Condition" form9.50
QCCR1E103538ApplicationsThe Service Desk module UI that enables you to configure HTML an email template name is not user-friendly9.50
QCCR1E122689ApplicationsInteraction records disappear when you use the re-submit function on the web ESS client9.50
QCCR1E124483ApplicationsReceived email notification follows the sender's local language for Interaction creation/cancellation/closure9.50
QCCR1E125265ApplicationsThe open format is incorrect when an operator opens a locked interaction if you select the "lock on display" option in a security role of that operator9.50
QCCR1E126479ApplicationsThe "Trigger To", "Trigger From", "Escalation", and "Escalate From" text strings are hardcoded9.50
QCCR1E130531ApplicationsWhen you duplicate an interaction, the original interaction overwrites the source interaction9.50
QCCR1E130671ApplicationsThe parameter format is incorrect on Survey Template9.50
QCCR1E131775ApplicationsTable summaries are not displayed when you use the sdUtil.getAttachmentHTML script9.50
QCCR1E136581ApplicationsSolutions are not posted to Interactions from related Incidents9.50
QCCR1E118139ApplicationsThe string "and" is hardcoded in a pop-up window if there are multiple required fields remain blank in all non-English locales9.50
QCCR1E118628ApplicationsThe string "Process Targets" is hardcoded in pop-up windows that are displayed after you add SLT(s) to a process target9.50
QCCR1E118797ApplicationsThe "Effective From", "Expiration Date", "Next Service Review Date", and "Next Agreement Review Date" text strings are hardcoded on pop-up messages that appear when a value is invalid9.50
QCCR1E123082ApplicationsThe valid Owner Group field is overwritten when saving an SLA record9.50
QCCR1E124530ApplicationsIncorrect data in slaactive records.9.50
QCCR1E126524ApplicationsThe "New Agreement" text string is I18N concatenated, which causes bad translation into French9.50
QCCR1E126696ApplicationsRequest to update the expression of the set.schedule label in RAD sla.schedule.state.change.expression9.50
QCCR1E127278ApplicationsSLA Breach Alerts are triggered at incorrect times9.50
QCCR1E127332ApplicationsOutage spreading does not correctly flag upstream CIs, depending on the order that you close the involved incidents9.50
QCCR1E130964ApplicationsSLOs do not work with certain conditions in Request Management9.50
QCCR1E131053ApplicationsYou cannot base an SLA on a planned date9.50
QCCR1E99168ApplicationsThe Incident Managment Environment form contains two obsolete check boxes9.50
QCCR1E132748ApplicationsThe calendar does not work correctly for years later than 20509.50
QCCR1E125773ApplicationsYou cannot drill down into a report that contains Known Error data based on rootcause9.50
QCCR1E127243ApplicationsThe "Open Interactions by Priority" report displays closed interactions instead of open interactions9.50
QCCR1E132917ApplicationsDraft KM documents cannot be accessed from Dashboard/Report9.50
QCCR1E131817ApplicationsAn HTTP 400 error occurs while querying resources that have "non standard" characters9.50
QCCR1E134961ApplicationsThe eval method is used in Restful-related code9.50
QCCR1E99489ApplicationsIn the web client, the navigation menu item "Manage Favorites -> Create New Folder" is always selectable9.50
QCCR1E118864ApplicationsWhen you add an attachment to a ticket, whatever the activity type is changed to "Update", regardless of the original user selection9.50
QCCR1E108074ApplicationsSearch function issues with joined tables: Failed to validate query9.50
QCCR1E131463ApplicationsOnly English email are sent to users when you use the alert function in a localized environment9.50
QCCR1E126504ApplicationsDelegate all approvals does not work as expected9.50
QCCR1E129520ApplicationsYou cannot select a delegator when folder entitlement is enabled for service catalog delegation9.50
QCCR1E123634Applications"Approval status" and "applied to" are hard coded in all non-EN locales9.50
QCCR1E126757ApplicationsChange Approval does not work correctly9.50
QCCR1E127874ApplicationsChange Approval order is not following its sequence of ApprovalDef when approving9.50
QCCR1E128780ApplicationsChange Approval order is not following its sequence of ApprovalDef when approving9.50
QCCR1E133767ApplicationsThe Change Management Approval Override capability is not available for non-SysAdmin users9.50
QCCR1E127175ApplicationsExport report list to text file failed when the viewrecordlist parameter is set to false9.50
QCCR1E129349ApplicationsThe "" RAD application throws an error and crashes9.50
QCCR1E132228Applications"Global" is the only option displayed in the Data cleansing drop-down list after you set the system to display the Dashboard as Service Manager home page in "My Preferences"9.50
QCCR1E132959ApplicationsWhen you add new categories or items, numerous errors are logged in
QCCR1E108072ApplicationsSearch function issues with joined tables: Invalid syntax for query.Failed parsing (,select)9.50
QCCR1E128541ApplicationsNo task records are returned from the All Open Tasks view9.50
QCCR1E101386ApplicationsHTML notifications display the date text in English even if the htmltemplate is set to another language9.50
QCCR1E118381ApplicationsXML tags that are included in the Description or Activity Update of a notification email are truncated9.50
QCCR1E124008ApplicationsNo Configuration Item displayed in a Change reminder email9.50
QCCR1E127620ApplicationsNotifications do not work correctly for Assignment Groups9.50
QCCR1E130608ApplicationsSome English strings are hardcoded on htmltemplate9.50
QCCR1E130965ApplicationsSome htmltemplate titles do not support localization9.50
QCCR1E131553ApplicationsSecurity entitlement for an update is verified against the state of record after the update instead of before the update9.50
QCCR1E118983ApplicationsThe image field in dbdict htmltemplate does not support localization9.50
QCCR1E133051ApplicationsThe Fill function does not work correctly for link fields in the Configuration Item template9.50
QCCR1E76905ApplicationsThere is an invalid column "Category" in qbe format:Template.qbe9.50
QCCR1E132270ApplicationsThe display list for Pending Documents under KM does not use group by status9.50
QCCR1E125971ApplicationsConcatenate strings in Collaboration Configuration page9.50
QCCR1E123922Applications"no en label defined" is displayed when you add a field with localized strings to the SRC checkout panel in all non-EN locales9.50
QCCR1E99392ApplicationsThe layout of RAD forms is changed, and some content is hidden9.50
QCCR1E129723ApplicationsNew fields that are added to dbdict are sometimes mapped to nulltable9.50
QCCR1E127369ApplicationsAn unrecoverable error occurs when you select the imMatchQuery record9.50
QCCR1E131056ApplicationsAfter you perform an upgrade, smin eventin records are not processed as expected9.50
QCCR1E104692ApplicationsHorizonal and vertical scollbars are present in the kmdocument.viewexternalwithview form in Internet Explorer 119.50
QCCR1E131267ApplicationsJAWS reads out incorrect label information on the Interaction Categories page9.50
QCCR1E131280ApplicationsThere is no accessible description label for certain controls.9.50
QCCR1E131472ApplicationsThe Rules and Occurrences tables in the Time Period module use such a small font size that the item in focus is not shown clearly enough9.50
QCCR1E131555ApplicationsRedundant content ("read only, to move through among the items, pleas use the arrow key") is read out when you open the "Approval Inbox" page.9.50
QCCR1E131663ApplicationsText in the text area changes when the cursor is focused on it9.50
QCCR1E131681ApplicationsJAWS reads out "Comparison: checkbox not checked" incorrectly when you shift the focus to the "Not" option9.50
QCCR1E131749ApplicationsJAWS reads the Approval Inbox menu items (in Service Desk) in the wrong order9.50
QCCR1E89710ApplicationsThe background of the Asset Allocation form is not consistent with that of other forms9.50
QCCR1E98087ApplicationsWebpage hangs when doing a true search for the applicationfields table9.50
QCCR1E128036ApplicationsTypo for validation word9.50
QCCR1E106599ApplicationsThe Sort Field (To/Target) and Sort Order (To/Target) options in link records do not display QBE list in the selected order9.50
QCCR1E129208ApplicationsThe category value is displayed when typing *** in the subarea comfill with the auto complete feature enabled9.50
QCCR1E130169ApplicationsCategory values are displayed when you type "***" in the Area comfill9.50
QCCR1E131471ApplicationsAfter you modify the columns in a QBE list, values in the new columns are not available when you perform a Fill9.50
QCCR1E134938ApplicationsWrong value is copied from the cursor if "recurse fill" is set to true for the link line of a CI field9.50
QCCR1E102313ApplicationsThe Description field in the cm3catphase table is not automatically updated when you set the display name of a workflow phase9.50
QCCR1E127329ApplicationsWhen you define a Task Plan for a Request Model, the Dependent Task is not activated when the condition of the previous task evaluates to "false"9.50
QCCR1E130728ApplicationsThe status of Interactions with a "Telephone" notification type changes to "Callback" when you close only one related Incident9.50
QCCR1E132396ApplicationsService Manager cannot perform database inserts due to duplicate key errors on the "workflowhistory" table9.50
QCCR1E133978ApplicationsThe migration from legacy SLA to the new Agreement is slow9.50
QCCR1E134952ApplicationsService Manager loses data when you use a Case Sensitive database9.50
QCCR1E129332ApplicationsValues cannot be entered in fields that are made from a global list9.50
QCCR1E127351ApplicationsRule Sets do not support Approvers in Assignment Groups9.50
QCCR1E128892ApplicationsThe Process Designer Rule for sending HTML emails selects the language for template based on the user's language instead of the recipient's language9.50
QCCR1E131933ApplicationsAn untranslated text string appears in the "Service Field Name" drop-down list9.50
QCCR1E102145ApplicationsAfter you enable Process Designer, the 'Assignment groups' character field is not mapped correctly (it is set to "null")9.50
QCCR1E102147ApplicationsAfter you enable Process Designer, the 'Authorized categories' character field is not mapped correctly (it is set to "null")9.50
QCCR1E102148ApplicationsAfter you enable Process Designer, the 'Manage format' character field is not mapped correctly (it is set to "null")9.50
QCCR1E102149ApplicationsAfter you enable Process Designer, the 'Initial view' character field is not mapped correctly (it is set to "null")9.50
QCCR1E102151ApplicationsAfter you enable Process Designer, the 'Search format' character field is not mapped correctly (it is set to "null")9.50
QCCR1E102152ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E102154ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E102164ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E102167ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E102170ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E102171ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E102172ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E102174ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E102175ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E102180ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E102206ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E102208ApplicationsCharacter Tailoring Fields 'Append query', 'List format', 'Print format', 'Manage format', 'Search format', 'Edit format', 'Initial format', and 'Initial view' are set to null9.50
QCCR1E131847ApplicationsSecurity roles do not work correctly in some situations when the Update right is "When Assigned to workgroup"9.50
QCCR1E131602ApplicationsDependent tasks are created in the Active phase when the parent task status is still Waiting9.50
QCCR1E132920ApplicationsThe status of child tasks status is inconsistent after the parent task is cancelled9.50
QCCR1E132925ApplicationsThe status of child tasks in Task Planner is not set to Waiting if parent task was cancelled9.50
QCCR1E133901ApplicationsWhen a task is cancelled or withdrawn, follow-on and parent tasks are incorrectly activated9.50
QCCR1E131322ApplicationsFormat Control is executed in an incorrect order in Hybrid mode9.50
QCCR1E52903ApplicationsA blank pop-up error window is generated when an LDAP-authenticated user attempts to change the password within ServiceCenter9.50
QCCR1E128617ApplicationsCI creation via Web Service fails due to a JavaScript error9.50
QCCR1E131375ApplicationsFields in tables are not highlighted clearly when they are in focus9.50
QCCR1E127079Applications"If One Record: Display as List" option in wizards does not work as expected in the web client9.50
QCCR1E128026ApplicationsWhen you use the "wizard" to update some fields, and then press the "Cancel" Button, data entered in the wizard is returned to the "record"9.50
QCCR1E130217ApplicationsThe comparison value changes to an invalid one when you click Cancel to quit the "Advance Filter" wizard page9.50
QCCR1E126562ApplicationsSRC does not support both Process Designer-based requests and non-Process Designer-based quotes simultaneously9.50
QCCR1E130263ApplicationsThe update button is always greyed out in SRC when folder entitlement is enabled9.50
QCCR1E130627ApplicationsWhen you query the SRC item options field with "U:\FE", no result is returned9.50
QCCR1E131973ApplicationsCannot resolve an Incident in a Service Manager and Operations Orchestration integration9.50
QCCR1E135369ApplicationsIncidents are not closed in TeMIP 6.x to Service Manager 9.41 Codeless integrations9.50
QCCR1E104634DocumentationRoot cause analysis required that we add debugleaks:1 to the sm.ini file.This parameter is not documented in the online help.9.50
QCCR1E111655DocumentationIR Queue parameter ir_irqueue_max_locktime is not documented in the online help.9.50
QCCR1E118785DocumentationThe "HTMLTemplatesAdmin" and "RESTful API" capability words are not documented in the Help Center9.50
QCCR1E123678DocumentationInteractive Upgrade Guide missed purge step before loading preupg.bin9.50
QCCR1E135597DocumentationYou cannot create groups in Views based on array-type fields9.50
QCCR1E112805DocumentationThe "allowed" web client parameter is missing from the System Configuration Parameters section in the online help9.50
QCCR1E113225DocumentationThe "Create an operator template" help topic contains an incorrect note about using operator templates as the login accounts9.50
QCCR1E114930DocumentationHelp server documentation does not explain how to implement value-depend bitmaps for Table Column widget9.50
QCCR1E118646DocumentationInformation in the "Create a system default operator record" topic is incorrect9.50
QCCR1E120000DocumentationThe Service Manager help center contains an Incorrect maximum value for the agstackl parameter9.50
QCCR1E120020DocumentationNew features, Add constraint not clear and is not doing what it is supposed to.9.50
QCCR1E120525DocumentationThe Service Manager Help does not describe the limitations of the auto-complete functions clearly9.50
QCCR1E120855DocumentationThe groupsubnetaddress parameter is not documented correctly9.50
QCCR1E122908DocumentationNo Mass Close button9.50
QCCR1E125495DocumentationThe default value for the ir_languagefiles_path parameter is incorrect in the online help documentation9.50
QCCR1E126931DocumentationNo reports are exported even though you specify an export path for the dashboard_export_path parameter in the sm.ini file9.50
QCCR1E128381DocumentationUser not prompted to close related Interactions and documentation is not clear on the topic9.50
QCCR1E128709DocumentationDocumentation for the maxhttpreqresponse parameter is unclear9.50
QCCR1E130405DocumentationThe Service Manager documentation does not describe a behavior change for the "Validate against Table” rule9.50
QCCR1E130554DocumentationA description of the Lock rendering style property is missing from Service Manager Help Center9.50
QCCR1E130735DocumentationThe description of the "Options" field in the "Localize a Service Catalog item" help topic is confusing9.50
QCCR1E134068DocumentationThe ESS Only option on the security rights form is not documented in the Service Manager documentation9.50
QCCR1E105865DocumentationHelp contains incorrect information about how to deny operators password modification privileges9.50
QCCR1E110039Documentationdocumentation does not include how to switch off log rotation for single servlet9.50
QCCR1E113562DocumentationParmdata.h is not aligned with the documentation9.50
QCCR1E113993DocumentationDocumentation for the msglog parameter contains an inaccurate note9.50
QCCR1E114135DocumentationThe Solr Search Engine Guide does not contain information on how to keep partial indexed documents searchable before the initial indexing phase is complete9.50
QCCR1E115982DocumentationThe 12346 port is used by Service Manager, but it is not documented9.50
QCCR1E120491DocumentationHelp topic UTF-8 Conversion is obsolete9.50
QCCR1E121442Documentation"Updates to IR files" topic in the Service Manager Help does not correctly indicate the default mode9.50
QCCR1E121754DocumentationThe "Example: response time monitoring (RTM) output" topic is located in the wrong section of the help9.50
QCCR1E126046DocumentationThe Help Center does not state that the core file is not written to the defined corepath location if the corepath location does not already exist9.50
QCCR1E128345DocumentationThe capability words documentation refers to a JavaScript function (checkExclusivePermission) that does not exist9.50
QCCR1E130539DocumentationIncorrect documentation about the Service Manager server parameter debugnode and other similiar parameters9.50
QCCR1E130865DocumentationHelp documentation contains references to the obsolete products NAPA and Get-It9.50
QCCR1E131416DocumentationThe Help server refers to a "listrepository" file, however the file cannot be found in the Service Manager database9.50
QCCR1E135436DocumentationRemoved stop words are not listed in the Smart Analytics Administration Guide9.50
QCCR1E118951DocumentationThe Service Manager web tier LW-SSO configuration is not described correctly9.50
QCCR1E129787DocumentationConfusing description about Managing approvals in Change Management in the Service Manager Codeless online help9.50
QCCR1E133116DocumentationThe documentation does not state that Service Manager does not support automatic switching between two hosts9.50
QCCR1E102946DocumentationThe documentation for the "heartbeatinterval" parameter incorrectly states that the value can be set from the Windows client9.50
QCCR1E104594DocumentationThe online help contains a typing error in the content for "Join syntax example 1"9.50
QCCR1E129668DocumentationThere is no documentation about how to define the shortcut for the Fill action in the shortcut.xml file9.50
QCCR1E130614DocumentationForms Designer Notebook widget "Lock Rendering Style" is not documented9.50
QCCR1E131529DocumentationThe documentation for Version Control best practices is unclear9.50
QCCR1E102008DocumentationThe SRC encryptor does not work with the documented default values9.50
QCCR1E103547DocumentationDefault SD email template "IM.browse.pd" is not described in document when PD is installed9.50
QCCR1E121166DocumentationIssue in SRC documentation about supported operators for Dynamic User Options9.50
QCCR1E77914DocumentationDescription of the "Emergency Change" field is not correct in the Best Practices Guide (Codeless version)9.50
QCCR1E118475DocumentationDocument should emphasize that HTTP "Put/Delete" method is used by SM client9.50
QCCR1E135041DocumentationThe Service Manager Interactive Installation Guide incorrectly recommends that the Oracle user for Service Manager be granted with the "select any dictionary" privilege9.50
QCCR1E135855DocumentationIncorrect license instructions in Interactive Installation Guide9.50
QCCR1E122376Documentation"Unsupported java version" error when you are run the "configure" or "smstart" script after installing Service Manager from the setupLinuxX64.bin installer9.50
QCCR1E115892DocumentationThe Programming Guide is missing information about rtecall("select")9.50
QCCR1E121563DocumentationCustom scmessage records for the scbutton, scballoon, sccaption, and sctitle message classes are not found by the Service Manager RTE9.50
QCCR1E124608DocumentationThe RAD sleep function and its JS equivalent system.functions.sleep() are not documented in the Programming Guide9.50
QCCR1E130042DocumentationProgramming Guide incorrectly states that JavaScript method: SCDatum.setType() is deprecated9.50
QCCR1E113096DocumentationThere is no documentation about how Service Manager and UCMDB handle failed push requests9.50
QCCR1E120623DocumentationSM9.40 Upgrade guide is not clear on the 3waymerge\oob XML files9.50
QCCR1E108985DocumentationThe "Wizard Order of Execution" section in the Wizard Guide refers to a diagram that is not included in the document9.50
QCCR1E135509DocumentationThe Service Manager 9.50 Collaboration documentation does not state that you must be logged in to Lync at all times for the feature to work9.50
QCCR1E128870IntegrationsSM/OMi integrations do not return the Assigned Group back to OMi9.50
QCCR1E124706IntegrationsService Manager sends redundant requests to OMi9.50
QCCR8D38450IntegrationsError message in Service Manager when you view the "cause" incident of incidents that are related in OMi9.50
QCCR1E131413IntegrationsIncidents cannot pass through case exchange from Service Manager to Service Anywhere if an object entity is defined by a property value that contains a dot9.50
QCCR1E133374IntegrationsThe out-of-box configuration for case exchange does not work in Process Designer-based environment9.50
QCCR1E130423IntegrationsWhen you define a scheduled survey and preview it, a new surveyInternal record is created9.50
QCCR1E130478IntegrationsThe ddmRule is processed regardless of the value of its condition in SM-UCMDB integrations9.50
QCCR1E135512Integrations"Messages": ["A JSONObject text must begin with '{' at character 1"] error message when a record is not found9.50
QCCR1E116537LocalizationThe text string "Rule Occurrence" in the message "Rule Occurrence should be greater than or equal to 1" is hardcoded9.50
QCCR1E118137LocalizationWhen you create a ticket and leave a mandatory field empty, the displayed error message is hardcoded9.50
QCCR1E119684LocalizationThe hardcoded string "Receipt information" is displayed on the "Request Management Receiving Log" page9.50
QCCR1E121279LocalizationWhen you enter invalid input into a mandatory field, the displayed error message is hardcoded9.50
QCCR1E121639LocalizationOOB data for product catalog categories under Request Fulfillment is not localized completely9.50
QCCR1E121677LocalizationHardcoded error message if the string length of a description exceeds 127 characters when you add a service catalog to an agreement9.50
QCCR1E122560LocalizationText in the Environment drop-down list in the CI details page is hardcoded9.50
QCCR1E123618LocalizationWhen you log in as sdapprover, the text string "Approval" is hardcoded in all non-English locales9.50
QCCR1E126527LocalizationWhen you add a new field to the Incident table, the "field.window" title string is hardcoded9.50
QCCR1E126828LocalizationThe message "There are no Affected CIs specified" is hardcoded when you click the "Add Attributes/Relationships" button on the Create New Change page9.50
QCCR1E127779LocalizationIf Smart Analytics is enabled from Service Manager and your login language is Hebrew, KM search does not work in SRC9.50
QCCR1E128497LocalizationThere are translation issues in the warning messages for Change Task mandatory fields9.50
QCCR1E133146LocalizationThe "Records per page" text string is hardcoded when you view the Parent Incident on the Incident details page9.50
QCCR1E133946LocalizationThe bizservice Service status CI drop-down list is hardcoded in all non-English locales9.50
QCCR1E135016LocalizationThe KM Reference Subtype drop-down list is hardcoded in all non-English locales9.50
QCCR1E98376LocalizationLibrary names are not translated in KM search and KM Advanced search9.50
QCCR1E134413MobilityA list of records is displayed instead of a specific record when you click a URL in an email that opens the Mobility client9.50
QCCR1E100670MobilityIf more than one prefix is defined for a file in $G.unisearch.types, only the first prefix works when you search for records on the Mobility client9.50
QCCR1E101182MobilitySlow performance when you add a solution to an Incident and save the Incident9.50
QCCR1E126164MobilityThe Interaction service does not retain updated values when an error message is displayed9.50
QCCR1E133758MobilityAn error occurs when you click the Refresh button whilst viewing a record list on the Mobility client9.50
QCCR1E118213MobilityThe webpage enters a redirect loop when you enter an incorrect Mobility URL in the browser address bar9.50
QCCR1E118816MobilityYou receive a "Request failed" message when your Mobility client user session times out9.50
QCCR1E125623MobilityButtons are not grayed out as expected when you use wizards in the Mobility client9.50
QCCR1E125856MobilityThe Mobile client page hangs when you click the Cancel button on the details page to return to the list page9.50
QCCR1E127571MobilityThe selected item in the dropdown list of a combo box mismatches the highlighted region on BlackBerry and iOS7 native browsers9.50
QCCR1E127732MobilityThe page stops responding after you try to fill the Incident subcategory field on an Android device with Chrome 449.50
QCCR1E127913MobilityAfter you select a value from a fill list on the second tab of a page in the Mobility client, the first tab is displayed9.50
QCCR1E129373MobilityMobility client sessions are not cleaned up as expected after the sessions time out9.50
QCCR1E131554MobilityThe page stops responding when you save journal updates on the Mobility client9.50
QCCR1E131566MobilityThe page stops responding when you access a locked Incident record by using the Mobility client if the Lock on Display option is enabled9.50
QCCR1E132794MobilityField labels in the Mobility client that contain long text are truncated and suffixed with "..."9.50
QCCR1E133299MobilityVirtual Join tables are not displayed correctly on tabs in the Mobility client9.50
QCCR1E133353Install and upgradeWebtier unloads are included in the server package9.50
QCCR1E132342Install and upgradeYou cannot install Smart Analytics on Linux9.50
QCCR1E135567Install and upgradeCannot turn off Administration Mode during Service Manager Windows Client installation9.50
QCCR1E103751ServerDocumented parameter 'usedmemcompmode'does not appear in 'sm -helpall' output9.50
QCCR1E130749ServerAlertDef cannot save negative times in "calc interval", and a "Field contains an Invalid Date/Time value" error is generated9.50
QCCR1E132631ServerA hard coded tooltip string ("Edit in Phase") is displayed when you move the mouse over the string "Edit"9.50
QCCR1E131683Server"LockHandler: lock failed, length of the key should be less than 200" error when you try to delete records9.50
QCCR1E130148ServerAfter you use the KMDocumentExport tool to export a file that has a wide character in the file name, the file name changes to messy code9.50
QCCR1E134510ServerThe "svc_import" process crashes if the imported XML contains NULL values9.50
QCCR1E134553ServerKMUpdate runs low on memory and crashes when it indexes 3M incidents9.50
QCCR1E73672ServerWhen you use the writeFile() JavaScript to output an attachment, Japanese characters in file names are output as garbage characters9.50
QCCR1E126888ServerAfter short period of stable operation, Service Manager user sessions are terminated with Signal 11 error messages9.50
QCCR1E127384ServerThe ("isnumeric") rtecall does not work as expected9.50
QCCR1E132120ServerREST calls fail randomly with a "missing ) in parenthetical" HTTP 500 error9.50
QCCR1E104801ServerError message when you perform a mass update of incidents that removes records from the QBE9.50
QCCR1E119658ServerThe REST URL does not support non-English strings9.50
QCCR1E131733ServerYou are unable to launch an external HTML view in a browser by using us.launch.external9.50
QCCR1E134507ServerDifference between loading records through an unload and the "sm -svc_import" command9.50
QCCR1E127871Server"Display Name" field displays as "" in Dashboard9.50
QCCR1E132443ServerThe tab for a problem record disappears after you click an external URL link9.50
QCCR1E128509ServerThe wrong record is displayed after one interaction or OCML is closed9.50
QCCR1E124719Server"SQL code=932 message=ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected DATE got CHAR" error when you try to upgrade the Service manager binary files9.50
QCCR1E125022ServerThe QBE list that is returned when you perform a text search on Incidents is changed after you modify and then save an incident record in the list9.50
QCCR1E127396ServerMemory leaks in Oracle Client and
QCCR1E128042ServerNVARCHAR array is truncated9.50
QCCR1E129094ServerA Signal 11 error occurs when you preview a report that retrieves data from a merged file9.50
QCCR1E131815ServerA Signal 11 error is generated when you change a workflow phase to Request PIR9.50
QCCR1E132480ServerPerfomance issue on Service Manager leads to database deadlocks9.50
QCCR1E132718ServerModify the error message to clearly state that LDAP file does not support joining9.50
QCCR1E133268ServerThe latest SLA record data is not displayed in Service Manager when the SLA is updated in the back-end database9.50
QCCR1E136119ServerAn incremental index of hot topics does not finish successfully9.50
QCCR1E97065ServerWhen Service Manager uses an Oracle database, the Advanced Filter does not support double "NOT" queries9.50
QCCR1E108070ServerThe record count in the drill-down list does not match the count in the chart that is displayed for the week() report for SqlServer9.50
QCCR1E127867Server"Chart by" does not work when there is an outer join field in the View9.50
QCCR1E133002ServerBoolean fields are shown as string types with ADHOC SQL9.50
QCCR1E133817ServerBar Charts in the Dashboard do not respect summer time9.50
QCCR1E134779Server"SQL code=932 message=ORA-00932: inconsistent datatype" error when some views that use tod() in the criteria and Group By are displayed9.50
QCCR1E129336ServerThe IRQUEUE process hangs when an ESS user has a lock on a record9.50
QCCR1E132700ServerError message after completing an IR Regen9.50
QCCR1E96440ServerSession crashes with signal 11 after an IR search9.50
QCCR1E127225ServerThe focus jumps to the next record in a QBE list of joindef records when the key field is changed9.50
QCCR1E122827ServerDuplicate locks appear in the Service Manager environment after you replicate the database9.50
QCCR1E136244ServerTerminated sessions are not cleaned up, until eventually all available connections are used and users can no longer log in to Service Manager9.50
QCCR1E134743ServerError message when an operator sorts a queue or view by service9.50
QCCR1E55008ServerSorting "displayoption" twice caused Signal 119.50
QCCR1E104966Server"RTE W executeXML: SCEventStrInAndOut returned no output event" message is written to the sm.log file when Connect-It is running9.50
QCCR1E121553ServerThe reportlic and reportlocks reports are missing a time stamp9.50
QCCR1E121199ServerRestful API query expressions do not support I18N9.50
QCCR1E132720ServerJRTE W failed to read full Byte Order Mark; read 1 bytes instead of 4 bytes9.50
QCCR1E126690ServerJAWS cannot read the Advanced Filter list after the list is expanded9.50
QCCR1E126690ServerJAWS cannot read the Advanced Filter list after the list is expanded9.50
QCCR1E126691ServerThe tool tip for precondition in context aware need be read.9.50
QCCR1E127056ServerWhen a Textbox works as a drop-down list, JAWS reads the list name as "type text"9.50
QCCR1E127773ServerSmart Search Dashboard has rendering issue in Internet Explorer 119.50
QCCR1E127800ServerThe General filter does not work correctly for external libraries9.50
QCCR1E127844ServerThe previously-indexed library is not displayed in the library search results list when you re-index a library from Smart Search Configuration9.50
QCCR1E127858ServerWhen you perform a full reindex of external connector libraries, the status of the external KM libraries remains "not started"9.50
QCCR1E128077ServerJAWS does not work fine when number beside library is changed9.50
QCCR1E128083ServerJAWS should read "Remove filter link" in the Context Aware Search panel as "Remove filter button"9.50
QCCR1E128085ServerIn the Smart Search dialog, JAWS reads out the dash ("-") for internal libraries9.50
QCCR1E128086ServerWhen the main frame of the smart search dialog is maximized, JAWS reads out the smart search dialog as "search button close search dialog", which is incorrect9.50
QCCR1E128088ServerJAWS reads off a page number link in the Smart Search dialog as "link" (for example, "2 link")9.50
QCCR1E128090ServerWhen focus is on the Close icon in the "General Filters" panel, JAWS reads out unexpected content as in "Close left parentheses ESC right parentheses button"9.50
QCCR1E128092ServerWhen no suitable filter options are listed for the text filter in the "Library Filter" panel in the Smart Search Dialog, JAWS is silent9.50
QCCR1E128093ServerThe scroll bar at the right side of the library filter panel does not automatically scroll when you are tabbing through the library list9.50
QCCR1E128099ServerThe "Clear All" and "Remove Filter" buttons appear in different panels in the Smart Search dialog and are read out as the same in these panels9.50
QCCR1E128102ServerNothing is read out when the search results span more than one page9.50
QCCR1E128103ServerPressing “Alt+Ctrl+U”does not work for the “Global Search” button9.50
QCCR1E128478ServerHTTP Connector causes memory leak9.50
QCCR1E128546ServerMemory leak on the HTTP connector server9.50
QCCR1E128993ServerSome records are not included in a patch when you create a custom patch by using the Applications Patch Manager9.50
QCCR1E130310ServerNo subcatagory suggestions after you change the IDOL server and then retrain the catagory from Smart Ticket9.50
QCCR1E132049ServerEXIF format JPEG files are not recognized by the image-to-text converter9.50
QCCR1E132194ServerMissing and incorrect information in the ssl configuration topic of the Smart Analytics document9.50
QCCR1E132232ServerWhen you install a distributed content server on Linux, there are no configuration steps to specify the Smart Analytics Server IP9.50
QCCR1E132303ServerThere is a spelling error when you try to install Smart Search content, and you cannot complete the installation9.50
QCCR1E132304ServerThe installer does not install the default choice of components9.50
QCCR1E132565ServerThe "ISKNOWNERROR_MATCH” field is not indexed to the IDOL Server, therefore you cannot search for "Known Error" records9.50
QCCR1E134700ServerThe query count process causes long query times9.50
QCCR1E133909ServerService Manager sends mails without a socket write timeout value9.50
QCCR1E131129ServerSorting a verylarge table causes high memory consumption9.50
QCCR1E122838Serversm -reportsem and sm -reportshm still show an entry for Resource Locks9.50
QCCR1E127587ServerMemory leak when you load an unload file that was exported with UCS-2 characters9.50
QCCR1E128531ServerScheduler fails with a Signal 11 error due to a very long field name9.50
QCCR1E130201ServerA signal 11 error occurs when a web service call is used to create an Interaction9.50
QCCR1E134760ServerServlets crash at random, regardless of whether they are on a server that contains a load balancer or not9.50
QCCR1E129204Server"RTE utalloc found 4 memory leaks of 128 bytes (12288 bytes with overhead)"error in the sm.log file9.50
QCCR1E71136ServerA memory leak occurs on the Service Manager server, and memory remains in use even after users log off9.50
QCCR1E79129ServerThe Service Manager main thread incorrectly reports a memory leak on Linux-based platforms9.50
QCCR1E120786Serverone server out of four in a HZ scaled env is sporadically not visible to the others9.50
QCCR1E128150ServerCannot connect to Service Manager once 50 users are logged in9.50
QCCR1E90531ServerSessions time out after they are configured to time out9.50
QCCR1E125846ServerWhen you shut down a Linux-based system, Service Manager generates RTE E messages in the server log9.50
QCCR1E131760Server"illegal use of LONG datatype" error message when connecting the chat server to an Oracle database9.50
QCCR1E113562ServerParmdata.h is not aligned with the documentation9.50
QCCR1E126698Server"RTE E Error: SQL code=24324 message=ORA-24324: service handle not initialized" error when the "ldapauthenticateonly" LDAP parameter is configured in the sm.ini file9.50
QCCR1E129582Server"...SM/RUN/headless': File exists" error message when you run an "sm" command9.50
QCCR1E134734ServerThe scheduler does not start when there is a space in the log path9.50
QCCR1E122979SRCError occurs if "time period" delegation is enabled9.50
QCCR1E128800SRCThe browser will not load the new SRC style unless the old style is removed from the cache9.50
QCCR1E134297SRCThe value of is incorrectly in milliseconds9.50
QCCR1E126805SRC"Back to previous page" is not working properly on the Support module on SRC9.50
QCCR1E127022SRCSRC performance issue when displaying a form with a large number of user selections9.50
QCCR1E130115SRCYou receive an error message when you remove a denied approval status catalog from a request approval record and then resubmit the request9.50
QCCR1E130492SRCAn end user can modify the value of an item option field on the screen when the field is evaluating its condition9.50
QCCR1E132054SRCWhen you use a logical name in an SRC bundle request, the logical value is displayed9.50
QCCR1E132797SRCThe activity log on the Service Request details page is not displayed if the Request URL is from an earlier version of SRC9.50
QCCR1E73766SRCYou cannot review the detailed information of an inactive item in a bundle9.50
QCCR1E128120SRCUnclear wording on the "Assistance" widget of the SRC dashboard9.50
QCCR1E130349SRCWhen you click the web browser refresh button to refresh the SRC request inbox, the count of request records changes to zero9.50
QCCR1E132550SRCThe message bar that displays the message “Invalid or missing data is found in your request” does not disappear when you enter all the required data9.50
QCCR1E127429SRCText in the Survey Detail panel is not displayed correctly in Arabic and Hebrew versions of SRC9.50
QCCR1E130499SRCIf you set the browser language to Hebrew and then log in to SRC, a blank page is displayed when you try to view the details page of a subscription9.50
QCCR1E128223SRCRecurring session timeout message box if you set the session timeout value to two minutes the web.xml file and then restart SRC9.50
QCCR1E128568SRCSRC does not support switching from the TSO login to the general login in a TSO environment9.50
QCCR1E132593SRCQuery Hash does not work in SRC when a hardware load balancer is used9.50
QCCR1E128107SRCThere is unexpected misalignment of columns in the QBE when you use multiple user selections with table based queries9.50
QCCR1E133351SRCYou cannot view catalog item details in a bundle if the name and display name of the item are different9.50
QCCR1E129862SRCThe request button on the More Support panel does not work if you open the SRC search results page in a new browser tab9.50
QCCR1E132150SRCSRC does not support multiple CAC certificates simultaneously9.50
QCCR1E132890SRCWhen you unsubscribe from a subscription, the previously added comment is displayed in the comment area on the unsubscribe confirmation window9.50
QCCR1E132262SRCThe "ScAPI_Survey .getFiedType ()" method always returns a character-type value, even if the sub-type of the array is not character9.50
QCCR1E126156SRCAfter you click an image on the SRC catalog item detail page to display the item, SRC incorrectly allows you to click other components on the screen9.50
QCCR1E126562SRCSRC does not support both Process Designer-based requests and non-Process Designer-based quotes simultaneously9.50
QCCR1E131415SRCThe SRC Lookup table content is not properly displayed for long fields9.50
QCCR1E131650SRCWhen all fields in the "Item Options" panel are invisible, the panel is still visible9.50
QCCR1E132086SRCWhen you log out from SRC, the displayed copyright date is 2010-20149.50
QCCR1E132151SRCThe "Expand All" and "Collapse All" buttons are incorrectly displayed with shadows9.50
QCCR1E136690SRC Item options are invisible in SRC when the option visible condition is set top "true"9.50
QCCR1E136103SRC Previous All types of approval delegation details are not displayed when All types of delegation are displayed9.50
QCCR1E128184SupportabilityIf Service Manager uses a SQL Server database, you need to download and install the Microsoft JDBC Driver manually before SM Doctor can access the database9.50
QCCR1E128911SupportabilityRemove out-of-date documentation from SM Doctor release package9.50
QCCR1E128112Install and upgradeService Manager applications upgrade intermittently fails with errors9.50
QCCR1E128848Install and upgradeAn error occurs during Hybrid migration when a category table includes an alias array field9.50
QCCR1E129033Install and upgradeAfter an upgrade, Service manager is unable to open a log file or to write to the log file9.50
QCCR1E131356Install and upgradeUpgrade process from 9.35pd4 to 9.41 takes 12 hours to complete9.50
QCCR1E121170Install and upgradeWhen you log on to Service Manager after an upgrade, you are unable to open and view the upgrade results9.50
QCCR1E122083Install and upgradeAfter you upgrade to Service Manager Codeless, the Process Designer Content Pack version information is not updated correctly9.50
QCCR1E127398Install and upgradeThe last number for the idoldatafilter class in the number table is not updated after an upgrade9.50
QCCR1E127792Install and upgrade"Script 'settings'line 500: ERROR TypeError: newCategories has no properties at char 1" error when your upgrade Service Manager9.50
QCCR1E128426Install and upgradeAn error occurs when you apply a production upgrade if the application version is 9.31 or lower9.50
QCCR1E128778Install and upgradeAn error occurs when you upgrade to Hybrid mode9.50
QCCR1E127568Install and upgradeError message when you try to upgrade from a version of Service Manager that has PDCP4 and the PT_BR/ZH_CN language pack installed9.50
QCCR1E129502Install and upgradeAfter you you upgrade Service Manager, some added fields in the kmquery dbdict are mapped to n1 table9.50
QCCR1E134505Install and upgradeAfter you upgrade the Service Manager applications, you find that the upgrade utility has added various new and incorrectly mapped array fields in different dbdict9.50
QCCR1E135413Install and upgradeThe Service Manager Upgrade utility cannot identify dbdict field types that have a lower case name9.50
QCCR1E134651Install and upgradeAfter you upgrade Service Manager, the sequential number file issues incorrect SQL to the back-end Oracle database in SQL9.50
QCCR1E112184Web clientThe Phase field content and the workflow title are not localized on a localized environment9.50
QCCR1E127441Web clientThe drop-down list is misaligned with the combo box widget9.50
QCCR1E127641Web clientIn *.properties, double quotes will break the js codes and lead to page crash9.50
QCCR1E127654Web clientThe system might be slow if a lot of alerts arrive9.50
QCCR1E127655Web clientPotential performance issue caused by rendering of To-Do alert items9.50
QCCR1E127862Web clientDuplicate Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End shortcuts are displayed on the quick help panel9.50
QCCR1E127870Web clientThe logout window is not displayed when you cancel a logout operation and then click Logout again9.50
QCCR1E130500Web clientUnexpected error occurs when you use invalid queries to search for request models9.50
QCCR1E130933Web clientSome files in WEB-INF are unnecessarily copied to the webtier root folder9.50
QCCR1E133034Web clientWhen the web tier is deployed on WebSphere, users cannot log in to the web client because of a garbage login page9.50
QCCR1E107806Web clientJAWS reads the invisible buttons in a message box9.50
QCCR1E110529Web clientJAWS recognizes the "Select Time" combo box in a date picker as a button9.50
QCCR1E114262Web clientThe "Enter" key has incorrect response on the Select Related Records page with JAWS9.50
QCCR1E125834Web clientWhen pressing the Tab key in a popup dialog, there are two extra Tab stops if you press Shift-Tab at the first field and then press Tab at the last button on the toolbar9.50
QCCR1E128739Web clientCurrent focus item in Advanced Filter Panel should be read rather than the next item on list9.50
QCCR1E79398Web client508 Compliance: The JAWS screen reader does not read the notebook title on the screen9.50
QCCR1E126026Web clientThe "Add Favorite" button cannot be seen with the hight contrast Black/White theme.9.50
QCCR1E127216Web clientCannot hide the ">>" button on the toolbarinaccessible mode9.50
QCCR1E110085Web clientThe language combo box in the login page is read aloud as read-only by JAWS9.50
QCCR1E111511Web clientWhen JAWS is running and you tab through elements in a date picker, JAWS reads something that is related to table column and row9.50
QCCR1E111512Web clientJAWS15 recognizes the Select Time combo box in the date picker as a link9.50
QCCR1E116115Web clientCombo boxes have inconsistent behaviors on the web client9.50
QCCR1E119996Web clientThere are display issues in PD environment when high contrast mode is used9.50
QCCR1E122924Web clientThe "Add Favorite" icon cannot be displayed in high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E123365Web clientThe focus is on the incorrect position after you open "Show hidden menu" with the ">>" image button9.50
QCCR1E125198Web clientThe single quote in the frame name of the "My Group's To Do List" view page is displayed as "&#39" in the "Frames List" dialog in JAWS9.50
QCCR1E125382Web clientJAWS sometimes reads something that is not related to a message box9.50
QCCR1E126101Web clientSometimes the "OK" button in a message box that has the focus indicator does not get the real focus9.50
QCCR1E126783Web clientFor the matching items of the select time combo box filtered by more than two valid characters, JAWS always reads the inputted text instead of each selected item9.50
QCCR1E127083Web clientJAWS does not recognize the first message box that is displayed as an alert dialog when managing favorites for a selected folder or dashboard9.50
QCCR1E127273Web clientIf you set the "Label for" property of a label to the name of a Comfill with the array length greater than 1, the label is not linked to the Comfill in the web client9.50
QCCR1E127304Web clientThe system does not generate the "Accessible Description" property related information for a read-only Comfill in the web client9.50
QCCR1E127315Web clientSometimes the system displays the "This is a required field" string in the title tooltip of an optional field in the web client9.50
QCCR1E127358Web clientJAWS does not read the label for a Comfill in a Virtual Join subform9.50
QCCR1E127721Web clientJAWS does not recognize the pop-up message box as an alert dialog when a user moves/copies/deletes favorites without selecting a folder/dashboard9.50
QCCR1E128209Web clientThe arrow icon next to column headers is not highlighted in high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E128211Web clientThe calendar bar disappears from the calendar page after you click the < or > button in high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E129023Web clientJAWS reads nothing when you press "Ctrl+Alt+N" to move the focus to the first toolbar button in the navigator9.50
QCCR1E129297Web clientMaximize background image does not display in Hot Topic Analytics page under Windows high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E129299Web clientIn High Contrast mode, Hot Topic Analytics can not identify the checkbox checked status9.50
QCCR1E129300Web clientAll button background images can not display on Query Editor popup window under Windows high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E129302Web clientThe current day on the calendar is not highlighted in high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E129303Web clientThe menu list for "Select Favorite" is not displayed in the Calendar widget in high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E129304Web clientPage navigation buttons on the Calendar widget are not clearly displayed in high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E129504Web clientJAWS does not read out the state of checkboxes for selected columns in the ToDo queue9.50
QCCR1E130079Web clientThe button that is in focus is not highlighted in high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E130081Web clientThe left-hand border of the group section banner is not displayed in high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E130206Web clientJavaScript error occurs when you select one condition operation type in "Query Editor" window9.50
QCCR1E130214Web clientThe selected day in the date picker dialog box is not highlighted in high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E130923Web clientJAWS always reads "View detailed information" when the focus is on a record link in a table even when you select the link to perform another action9.50
QCCR1E131004Web clientIf you view a customized table that contains data with JAWS running, the first cell is not displayed as being in focus by default.9.50
QCCR1E131179Web clientIncorrect "aria_label" is set for the select row checkbox in request model list table9.50
QCCR1E131771Web client"Dialog" is read out after checking the "CI Down?" / "Pending Changes?" / "Critical CIs?" checkbox in dialog "Search Configuration Items".9.50
QCCR1E131781Web clientThe focus is not visible for first cell after selecting a record in "Related Records" / "Task" table in Internet Explorer.9.50
QCCR1E132337Web clientImages on the Change Task workflow phase detail page cannot be displayed in high contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E115475Web client"Out of table, [first cell content] frame" is read off when a row is selected for a table which has other buttons after the table with JAWS15.9.50
QCCR1E126569Web clientThe focus indicator on a group still remains after another control receives the focus9.50
QCCR1E128689Web clientThe characters in table column header are covered in the Service Manager accessible mode9.50
QCCR1E129214Web clientThe focus in login page is wrong when you press Tab from the language combo drop down list.9.50
QCCR1E97291Web clientIncorrect behavior when swtiching from the web client to and then opening an invlid URL in a new browser tab9.50
QCCR1E121878Web clientURL parameters are not retained when you log out the web client on WAS
QCCR1E94735Web clientThe login page displays incorrect language after a forced logout when connecting with SSO9.50
QCCR1E120947Web clientsystem.functions.cursor_field_name() returns incorrect value in the web client9.50
QCCR1E96564Web clientUnclear informational message when user is submitting a request in if email notification configuration is set up9.50
QCCR1E103795Web clientThe page goes back to logging record after you click the confirmation box to create the ticket9.50
QCCR1E94280Web clientCannot close the error page tab after failing to open an incident from a url9.50
QCCR1E118254Web clientCannot save the attached file in IE on a Windows 2008 operating system9.50
QCCR1E127177Web clientUnable to download attachments that contain special characters in the file names9.50
QCCR1E131661Web clientAttachment file names are downloaded always with a file name of "NaN"9.50
QCCR1E133413Web clientThe file formatting is lost when you open a .txt attachment in the web client with Internet Explorer9.50
QCCR1E120982Web clientThe Help icon should not be visible to end users9.50
QCCR1E123744Web clientThe field name is displayed as null when viewing the help information from a read-only text area control9.50
QCCR1E127245Web clientThe system displays a blank quick help panel on WebLogic9.50
QCCR1E110808Web clientIn Chinese environment, JavaScript error occurs when you view a document environment which is created in English environment9.50
QCCR1E105400Web clientCannot unload an Audit Delta successfully9.50
QCCR1E104340Web clientPage number focus is not on the current page number9.50
QCCR1E73470Web clientAn error occurs when you cancel an incident that was just closed9.50
QCCR1E120813Web clientThe QBE is filled with wrong data when you close the affected services page accessed through "More"->"View Affected Services" in an Incident record9.50
QCCR1E128212Web clientThe list is not displayed if the column value in listdetail is array9.50
QCCR1E128889Web client403 Error occurs when you click the "toggle list-detail view" button9.50
QCCR1E128843Web clientIn the Service Manager web client with French localization, an apostrophe(') is displayed as "&#39;" when $ is enabled.9.50
QCCR1E110449Web clientError page is displayed when you mass update several incident records9.50
QCCR1E111709Web clientCannot log activitiy updates after creating an incident/interaction through clicking the "New" button in "Incident/Interaction" todo Queue page.9.50
QCCR1E119808Web clientCreating new Change for a category is very slow on the web tier9.50
QCCR1E134070Web clientTime Period Management is so slow that a new Rule cannot be added9.50
QCCR1E121855Web clientThe table value is not displayed in the print preview page when you use a text area field as DVD visible condition on a table column9.50
QCCR1E123661Web clientCannot display the "Attachment" notebook name on the Print Detail page when PD is enabled9.50
QCCR1E123828Web clientText overlapped on the form for catalog items on the print detail page9.50
QCCR1E125814Web clientThe print preview displays invisible group data if the group visibility condition is based on a read-only field9.50
QCCR1E126558Web clientLabel and text area overlap in IE printing9.50
QCCR1E130324Web clientThe read-only checkbox with read-only condition in a subform can be modified after you click the "Print" button9.50
QCCR1E131182Web clientThe DVD field cannot be displayed correctly after you click the Print Page button9.50
QCCR1E131253Web clientThe attachments frame overlaps in print page of incident details9.50
QCCR1E134619Web clientOverlapping text displayed when printing Quotes and Interactions that use the HTML Viewer9.50
QCCR1E93293Web clientPrint button on workflow list page does not work9.50
QCCR1E127385Web clientThe session-timeout parameter does not work after the socketReadTimeout took effect9.50
QCCR1E78390Web clientWeb tier timeout during execution of a long-running task9.50
QCCR1E97374Web clientA "Webpage has expired" message is displayed when opening the web client in a new tab using the browser's Duplicate option9.50
QCCR1E122004Web clientCTI/DDE does not work for Service Manager 9.40 web tier when the homepage is Dashboard9.50
QCCR1E134216Web clientIssue when using web client telephony URL (telephonyuser=1)9.50
QCCR1E101636Web clientA text field with array setting 2 is displayed in "Dynamic Field Validations - Validation Rule" wizard page for 2 seconds unexpectedly9.50
QCCR1E122527Web clientService Manager does not work when the security manager is enabled on the web application server9.50
QCCR1E124888Web clientThe Description column on the activity.list form does not inform a user that there is more information than displayed when the updates consist of mutiple lines9.50
QCCR1E127089Web clientThe dynamically generated new row of an array of combo boxes still uses the index of the first combo box for some of the attributes9.50
QCCR1E49217Web clientThe value of the resolution.code on the IM.close.incident format can be cleared9.50
QCCR1E130384Web clientWhen you log on Service Manager web client by using web browsers that support HTML5, the actual maximum number of attachment files does not match the value of the “maxattachmentcount” parameter9.50
QCCR1E130400Web clientAttachment widget size issue9.50
QCCR1E131902Web clientThe "Add Files" button becomes unresponsive (or the entire web tier hangs) using Internet Explorer 119.50
QCCR1E132481Web clientThe error message is not clear when the file name or file suffix contains illegal characters while uploading an attachment9.50
QCCR1E133005Web clientWhen Trusted Sign-On (TSO) is configured in Service Manager, you cannot select multiple files to upload from the web tier in Internet Explorer 119.50
QCCR1E133212Web clientUnable to add an attachment that has been previously deleted9.50
QCCR1E93459Web clientError page displayed when viewing KM attachment whose file name contains a special character9.50
QCCR1E125683Web clientThe text on the "Add Files..." button for uploading attachments is displayed out of the button on accessible.do9.50
QCCR1E97896Web clientIn the ESS client, the popup search window displayed after clicking Fill for a field contains large blank space9.50
QCCR1E132353Web clientChange Calendar skips months when clicking Next Month in the web client using Internet Explorer 119.50
QCCR1E129783Web clientDashboard chart does not refresh automatically after you switch tabs9.50
QCCR1E128894Web clientCheck boxes on the filter page of view configuration setting in inbox do not work9.50
QCCR1E105800Web clientCannot expand the group after sorting the view several times9.50
QCCR1E91882Web clientForeground Color and Foregroud Color Condition do not work for Collapsible Group9.50
QCCR1E108443Web clientThe "Page size selection" combo box in the Paging Toolbar is displayed incorrectly after page refresh in Chrome9.50
QCCR1E117561Web clientWhen you submit a Service Catalog request, JavaScript error occurs if you attach an invalid file before filling a combo box9.50
QCCR1E120528Web clientThe drop down list is still displayed after you select a value from the Task Category drop down list in Task Planner9.50
QCCR1E120688Web clientThe drop down list collapses automatically when you scroll quickly into it to select one drop down item9.50
QCCR1E122969Web clientThe "Show" combo-box still expands after you clicked any other place out of the current frame9.50
QCCR1E125935Web clientUnable to tab out from an expanded combo box with a scroll bar if the mouse cursor is on the scroll bar9.50
QCCR1E125943Web clientThe trigger button of a combo box always expands the drop-down list9.50
QCCR1E128060Web clientCannot select the value in a drop-down list in an editable table9.50
QCCR1E128723Web clientUsers can select the last item in a drop-down list for combo box in a dynamic form by pressing the UP arrow key9.50
QCCR1E129036Web clientThe pop-up list of a combo box does not disappear when you click outside the combo box.9.50
QCCR1E130178Web clientAfter typing some text in language combo box, you cannot move focus to username/password fields9.50
QCCR1E130624Web clientAutocomplete becomes case-sensitive when you enter text in a combo box9.50
QCCR1E130695Web clientWhen you tab out from queue combo box, the data in the record list table does not change based on the value of the queue combo box9.50
QCCR1E130729Web clientThe dropdown list for combo box is still open when the characters specified do not match any item9.50
QCCR1E131060Web clientJavaScript errors occur when opening a dbdict record9.50
QCCR1E134877Web clientThe Relationship Subtype value is not cleared when a Relationship Type is changed9.50
QCCR1E96121Web clientUnable to press ESC to cancel the selection from the drop down list of a combo box9.50
QCCR1E104147Web clientComfill content cannot be saved successfully when you select records using the Fill button9.50
QCCR1E112050Web clientJavaScript error occurs when you invoke the fill button9.50
QCCR1E122698Web clientWhen you select a candidate value from the auto fill drop-down list, the fill form pops up9.50
QCCR1E127148Web clientWhen you use the Comfill widget in web client, each keystroke triggers a Data Changed Event and it is difficult to enter data9.50
QCCR1E127722Web clientIn the drop-down list of an auto-completed Comfill control on the web client, if you press the Down arrow key on the last item, the system scrolls to the first item and selects this item9.50
QCCR1E127966Web clientThe drop-down list of an auto-completed comfill is not scrolled into view if the comfill is near the bottom of the screen9.50
QCCR1E128205Web clientService Manager does not support case-sensitive database well in Internet Explorer9.50
QCCR1E129677Web clientWhen you press the down arrow key while the focus is on a comfill box, the focus skips an item9.50
QCCR1E132265Web clientThe autocomplete dialog displays an incorrect list of values9.50
QCCR1E133868Web clientArray elements after the 19th one are truncated after saving9.50
QCCR1E90765Web clientComfill: Value List Condition containing question mark ("?")does not work when Array Length is greater than 19.50
QCCR1E96164Web clientComfill text box data deleted or updated after tabbing through the value list9.50
QCCR1E122968Web clientThe "Select Time" combo-box is still expands after you click the header of any of the thread tabs9.50
QCCR1E128258Web clientThe read-only decimal widget is not displayed completely with full width in the web client9.50
QCCR1E111502Web clientException occurs on Tomcat console and the page hangs when incorrect format is in Dynamic form9.50
QCCR1E112664Web clientThe error page is displayed when you search for change records after giving a non-character value to the "ID" column in the "cm3r" search configuration page9.50
QCCR1E123457Web clientCannot display the gray wrap line on the right in an RTL environment on IE99.50
QCCR1E98824Web clientAn XML error is received when trying to add a Security Folder that contains a space to a Role9.50
QCCR1E102431Web clientOne redundant record is added into the "Current Approvals" table in the interaction detail page9.50
QCCR1E119729Web clientJavaScript error appears when you press the down arrow key on an empty single-selection record list9.50
QCCR1E127769Web clientWhen pressing Tab to focus on the column header in Chrome, the scroll bar scrolls up from the bottom to the top9.50
QCCR1E128688Web clientThe "Show Next 50" and "Show All" buttons do not work in Internet Explorer9.50
QCCR1E131987Web clientThe Https port is still shown in KM Search Server page after you clear the SSL Enabled checkbox9.50
QCCR1E109272Web clientCannot perform input operation due to inactive new schedule page9.50
QCCR1E116512Web clientHTML Editor UI issue in the Notify page of an Interaction record9.50
QCCR1E117807Web clientUser cannot delete all elements in HTML Editor field when they select all and press the delete key9.50
QCCR1E131348Web clientHTML editor is changed to read-only in "Unretired Knowledge Document" page9.50
QCCR1E89075Web clientWindows client: Session still alive when inactivity timer reaches threshold9.50
QCCR1E115485Web clientJavaScript error appears when you drag a magnified table with open drop-down list9.50
QCCR1E131472Web clientThe Rules and Occurrences tables in the Time Period module use such a small font size that the item in focus is not shown clearly enough9.50
QCCR1E135493Web clientThe third button of a comfill widget is invisible in the web client but visible in the Windows client9.50
QCCR1E135620Web clientImages in .gif format no longer work in the toolbar in the web client9.50
QCCR1E124713Web clientWhen clicking the 'Link New Record' button several times to create new changes, the system skips change model selection and jumps to change logging form directly9.50
QCCR1E132297Web clientService Catalog catagories with a french apostrophe in their name cannot be selelected in the web client9.50
QCCR1E121704Web clientEmpty items are displayed in the list builder when you go back to the "Select Approval Groups" page from the "Set Delegate" page9.50
QCCR1E98089Web clientField value in record list is cleared update field value is updated in record detail form9.50
QCCR1E105694Web clientWhen you navigate back to the page, the focus is not on the correct notebook tab9.50
QCCR1E92687Web client"Upcoming Alerts" group displayed outside of SLA section9.50
QCCR1E129276Web clientThe "End" and "Ctrl+End" table shortcut keys do not work well in vertical layout list9.50
QCCR1E96379Web clientThe "Last" button in the paging bar is not enabled until the last page has been accessed9.50
QCCR1E118285Web client"Search duplicates" feature does not work on Phase field in web client9.50
QCCR1E128734Web clientWhen you use web client in Internet Explorer, type Chinese/Japanese characters on the login page, and then press Enter, the screen is refreshed and displays an error message9.50
QCCR1E71600Web clientError message is displayed after selecting option value from 'Field in' List on Baseline Wizard Attribute Field and Value screen9.50
QCCR1E133642Web clientWeb client hangs when copying email content to the Description field of an Interaction9.50
QCCR1E134193Web clientText area fields are not editable in Firefox 38 or earlier verions9.50
QCCR1E118262Web clientThe vertical scroll bar does not appear on the workflow section of a Change record9.50
QCCR1E111833Web clientThe “Page not found” error is displayed when you pressing the "Alt+R" shortcut in a record detail page9.50
QCCR1E119140Web clientThe scroll bar moves when the combobox drops down9.50
QCCR1E94106Web clientUnable to choose security folder for incident task9.50
QCCR1E123193Web clientThe lower level combo-box fields are cleared after you click a higher level combo-box9.50
QCCR1E125308Web clientResult of Caption Condition is displayed in the table when Show Next 50 or Show All is selected9.50
QCCR1E131050Web clientThe "invisible" attribute of data policy does not work in the web client9.50
QCCR1E57750Web clientYou cannot see the HTML viewer container in the web client9.50
QCCR1E109044Web clientThe page hangs when a column of QBE refers to an array item in both the web and Windows clients9.50
QCCR1E109147Web clientThe Backspace key is enabled for the readonly field9.50
QCCR1E110049Web clientUnexpected Save dialog box appears when you switch to a specific service catalog item9.50
QCCR1E115940Web clientThe detail page of a newly created incident does not close when you click the Save&Exit button.9.50
QCCR1E120771Web clientCase conversion does not work properly in Internet Explorer9.50
QCCR1E123609Web clientThe findAll command does not work normally in web client9.50
QCCR1E134028Web clientScript called from the login.DEFAULT format control causes issues with the Dashboard homepage9.50
QCCR1E92455Web clientToobar images are missing in requested view after view request is issued9.50
QCCR1E114060Web clientWhen you view the details of an Open Request in Self-Service User mode (, the initial focus is inconsistent in different browsers9.50
QCCR1E116530Web clientThe focus is incorrect when you save and exit a new record created from theTo Do queue page9.50
QCCR1E128292Web clientWhen pressing "Alt+N", the focus does not stay at the original place9.50
QCCR1E131611Web clientThere is no default focus in a subscription record detail page in Internet Explorer and information about a "Next" button which does not exist on the page is read out unexpectedly9.50
QCCR1E131975Web clientFunction does not work in web client 9.419.50
QCCR1E136202Web clientThe focus is lost after entering a value in a comfill control with an array9.50
QCCR1E102815Web clientThe table is missing from the "Choose Document Attachment" wizard if you try to insert a link toward an attached file in HTMLEditor9.50
QCCR1E115777Web clientIn Firefox, the drop-down list of the combo box does not disappear automatically when you close the magnified table9.50
QCCR1E117814Web clientOverlap issue occurs in the "Modify or Delete this item" page when you access Service Manager through accessible.do9.50
QCCR1E121376Web clientThe workflow graph disappears when user opens the dropdown list for the "Jump Address" / "More" menu in Chrome9.50
QCCR1E122044Web clientIf multiple selection is enable for tables, layout rendering issue exists when you enlarge the page9.50
QCCR1E122692Web clientThe number displayed in the New Message button extends beyond the red circular region9.50
QCCR1E122772Web clientThe remove icon displayed in Internet Explorer for the Jump Address combo-box overlaps the trigger button9.50
QCCR1E123048Web clientThe web client webpage is messed when displaying a planned relationship change with multiple downstream CIs9.50
QCCR1E123529Web clientThe Subform exceeds group in svcCart.view9.50
QCCR1E123931Web clientLabels for Comfill fields are overlapped in IE when the Default to Expanded property of a Group object is unchecked9.50
QCCR1E128524Web clientThe row check box is in the same line with the cell beside it in a table on the list and detail page in the accessible mode9.50
QCCR1E128879Web clientIf a record is selected from the To-Do Alert pop-up window, it loads behind the To-Do Alert window9.50
QCCR1E128880Web clientThe width of a table is longer in IE when a group's "Default to Expanded" property is not checked9.50
QCCR1E96407Web clientWarning dialog is closed before user clicks OK when changing expired password9.50
QCCR1E97208Web clientSave & Exit button overlaps with Cancel button when opening a request in the ESS web client9.50
QCCR1E102998Web clientA "Permission Denied" JavaScript error message appears after you switch records in qbe list9.50
QCCR1E124497Web clientThe memory consumption increases quickly when you open and close tabs a large number of times in Internet Explorer 119.50
QCCR1E67796Web clientKeyboard shortcut for field tooltips no longer works9.50
QCCR1E133341Web clientPop-up forms stop being displayed on Interaction forms9.50
QCCR1E101175Web clientThe Alt+F1 shortcut for the New/Add button does not work in web client9.50
QCCR1E101727Web clientThe system does not change the magnified state of a form if you access the same form again9.50
QCCR1E134565Web clientWeb client does not display data entered in the magnifyng window9.50
QCCR1E129215Web clientjsError occurs after you login SM web client if warning/information/error message is configured not to show in page9.50
QCCR1E130408Web clientMissing message when updating a record selected from a ToDo view and clicking Save & Exit9.50
QCCR1E129804Web clientPressing Shift+TAB shortcut does not switch focus in the "Question" popup dialog9.50
QCCR1E129805Web clientIncorrect results are returned when you press the "No" button in the "Question" dialog9.50
QCCR1E135032Web clientIn Change Management, a Warning tab appears after a popup message and does not go away9.50
QCCR1E106788Web clientThe views in Manage Favorites appear wrong if you quickly click the refresh button several times9.50
QCCR1E119030Web clientThe System Navigator displays blank contents when you click the Expand icon9.50
QCCR1E132331Web clientCharts cannot be moved or copied to an existing dashboard under Favorites and Dashboards9.50
QCCR1E90891Web clientCannot move an item in the Favorites folder into a subfolder9.50
QCCR1E97060Web clientA newly added dashboard or folder cannot be moved or copied to a Knowledge Management folder9.50
QCCR1E99850Web clientComfill value list is cleared when hovering over the Comfill to open the hover-over form9.50
QCCR1E115705Web clientThe chart by option menu does not work on the web client in accessibility mode9.50
QCCR1E125192Web clientCannot trigger the eventsin some cases after mouse-click9.50
QCCR1E134681Web clientSmart Search is slow when there are high-frequency queries9.50
QCCR1E106779Web clientSome charts cannot be displayed after you open an existing mysm page9.50
QCCR1E71596Web clientMySM tab title is displayed as "HP Service Manager" instead of "MySM"9.50
QCCR1E113032Web clientThe Phase name is partly displayed in the workflow graph in Chrome with a high zoom level9.50
QCCR1E105217Web clientCondition Editor - Complex Condition cannot be opened sometimes9.50
QCCR1E118127Web clientSpecial characters in "" can cause display issues in web client.9.50
QCCR1E132828Web clientThe CurrentRecordAuth parameter is not available in Process Designer9.50
QCCR1E118177Web clientIf containing the backslash character '\', the Task Category name is not displayed correctly in the category list of task editor9.50
QCCR1E132919Web clientIf you open the task planner in one tab and change the task status in another tab, you cannot see the updated task status in the first tab until you click the refresh button9.50
QCCR1E100483Web clientCannot save a variable or RAD expression in a Workflow Phase Display form9.50
QCCR1E103847Web clientProcess Designer workflow arrow connectors might be misaligned when two phases are vertically too close to each other9.50
QCCR1E108070Web clientThe record count in the drill-down list does not match the count in the chart that is displayed for the week() report for SqlServer9.50
QCCR1E132943Web clientError parsing styled text when running a backend report scheduler to export reports9.50
QCCR1E134523Web clientEmpty chart is displayed when the execution time of a reporting query exceeds 60 seconds9.50
QCCR1E127347Web clientLync users cannot send message back if the conversation session is broken9.50
QCCR1E127499Web clientUsers can not connect to Service Manager Collaboration from the webtier when an unexpected out of memory error occurs in chat server9.50
QCCR1E127603Web clientException error occurs when you stop the Openfire server or service9.50
QCCR1E127855Web clientSQL INSERT code incompatibility on CS SQL database9.50
QCCR1E128841Web clientSMC does not recognize a user if there is no Service Manager ID in this user's profile in the Contacts table9.50
QCCR1E129624Web clientFor messages that are older than two days in the Service Manager Collaboration message history, the corresponding Lync user information is missing in this history9.50
QCCR1E130240Web clientOpenfire and lync do not release the memory9.50
QCCR1E126865Web clientSome meaningful images of SM Collaboration cannot be displayed in High Contrast mode9.50
QCCR1E127610Web clientA "Failed to get history message" message is displayed when the conversation history contains messages from Openfire or Lync9.50
QCCR1E127664Web clientOpened conversations that are saved in local storage are lost when you refresh the web client9.50
QCCR1E127881Web clientNothing receives the focus after you cancel a logout operation9.50
QCCR1E124297Web clientThe scroll position is lost in Internet Explorer 11 when switching between tabs9.50
QCCR1E131301Web clientCannot update data policy with long field settings when deploying SM on a JBoss6.4-based environment9.50
QCCR1E131727Windows clientThere is no table property that can be used to identify what JAWS should read when a link in the table is in focus9.50
QCCR1E127607Windows clientA NullPointerException error occurs when you try to close the Windows client after a session time out9.50
QCCR1E62216Windows clientSecond radio button disappears when the focus is set to the first radio button on a form.9.50
QCCR1E102213Windows clientWhen you open the calendar.popup.g form, the focus is incorrectly set to the first date field in the form9.50
QCCR1E119068Windows clientNo message window popup when user click Cancel button after made some change in HTML Editor.9.50
QCCR1E89500Windows clientWhen you click on a Knowledge Management record that contains "<>" in search results, the record does not open9.50
QCCR1E98608Windows clientAn unrecoverable error occurs when you add the List Builder widget into a form by using Form Designer9.50
QCCR1E92586Windows clientWhen you preview a Notebook in Forms Designer, the first visible Notebook tab is not always the active tab9.50
QCCR1E80247Windows clientThe previously selected view name is not cleared up for a new search9.50
QCCR1E70745Windows clientYou are brought to the bottom of the format every time that you return to a format after changing properties of a field in Forms Designer9.50
QCCR1E123579Windows clientThe Client Configuration Tool is now packaged in the Windows client, but it includes a redundant JRE9.50

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