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HPE Change Configuration and Release Management (CCRM)

HPE Service Manager is part of the HPE Change Configuration and Release Management (CCRM) solution. CCRM enables the enterprise IT organization to do the following:

  • Provide the structure and formal workflow necessary to implement changes
  • Reduce the risk of making changes by providing an accurate picture of IT infrastructure, as well as the impact any change may have on IT services
  • Enable early detection of unplanned changes
  • Maintain an accurate record of IT infrastructure

To minimize incidents that result from unplanned or improperly planned changes to the organization, an IT organization must be able to respond in the following ways to change drivers:

  • Proactively: to provide benefits to the organization, either through lower total cost of ownership (TCO), or by providing options that enable business to develop
  • Reactively: to resolve errors that impact the level of services that are provided

CCRM offers a solution comprised of three integrated HPE products:

  • Service Manager automates and standardizes the change process in accordance with ITIL best practices—from request through release and review.
  • Release Control plays a role at a specific point in the process as a decision-support tool; it includes risk analysis, impact assessment, collision detection, and forward schedule of changes.
  • Universal CMDB consists of a rich business-service-oriented data model with built-in discovery of configuration items (CIs) and configuration item dependencies, visualization and mapping of business services, and tracking of configuration changes.

CCRM also offers an automation extension to automate change requests (via HPE Operations Orchestration (OO)) and another extension to provide dashboard views of assigned request status as well as comparisons between current projects and staffing profiles (via HPE PPM Center).

For more information about CCRM, see the CCRM documentation available with the Service Manager documentation from HPE Software Support Online.