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Knowledge Management help hub

HPE Service Manager Knowledge Management supports Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) standards and guidelines by providing a natural language search engine and a rich-text authoring tool that enables users to search, update, and author knowledge articles.

User roles

Describes the ITIL user roles as implemented by Service Manager.




Key concepts

Describes the most important things that you need to know about how the Knowledge Management module functions.

Knowledge Management overview

Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)

Knowledge Management workflow

Knowledge Management environment

Managing document categories

Knowledge groups

Knowledge Management profiles

Knowledge documents

Document types and document views

Managing shared content

Adaptive learning

Knowledge Management record mapping

Additional resources

Processes and Best Practices Guide

Service Manager documentation set

User workflows

Describes the ITIL workflows as implemented by Service Manager and the sub tasks that end users must perform in order to execute the workflows.

Contribute and approve knowledge document (ST 7.1)

Search, view and utilize knowledge document (ST 7.2)

Maintain and continually improve knowledge (ST 7.3)

Administrator tasks

Describes the Administrator tasks in the Knowledge Management module.

Install and configure the KM Solr search engine

Upgrade to the Process Designer KM workflow


Edit the Knowledge Management environment record

Manage document types

Add new shared content

Knowledge Management migration