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Install and configure Smart Analytics

Built on Service Manager (SM) and using an OEM-licensed version of HPE IDOL, SM Smart Analytics heralds the debut of the "Big Data" edition of Service Manager.

Smart Analytics offers the following capabilities: Smart Ticket, Hot Topic Analytics, and Smart Search. For more information, see Smart Analytics overview.

As of Service Manager 9.41, you can choose to use either the IDOL Search Engine or the Solr Search Engine for Knowledge Management.

Note If you have purchased Service Manager Smart Analytics, you do not need to install the Solr Search Engine. Additionally, once you have enabled Smart Analytics, you cannot use Solr as the search engine any more.

Follow these instructions to install and configure Smart Analytics.

Note If you are upgrading your Smart Analytics from an earlier version to SM 9.50 Smart Analytics, see Upgrade Smart Analytics.

Note For information about how to administer Service Manager Smart Analytics, see Smart Analytics Administration.