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Benefits of the Modular Approach

The advantages of the modular design include consistency in development, reduced development time, and flexibility.


The fact that the engine allows all applications to run using the same base RAD applications brings consistency to the Service Manager application suite. Core functionality, such as locking, alerts, approvals, and use of record list functionality, will work the same for any module, as they are all using the same code base.

Reduced Development Times

The modularity of the Document Engine allows for reuse of existing code and Processes.


The Document Engine uses Process records as a mechanism to modify the behavior of modules inside of Service Manager applications. You can create a new Process that has a different behavior than the base system, without the need to change or remove the original Process from the system. Additionally, the system’s base Processes can be overridden with your own Processes to give greater flexibility to the system developer when tailoring Service Manager to meet an organization's specific requirements.