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Process Definition form and field descriptions

On the Process Definition form, you define new Processes or edit existing Processes. Processes run code or expressions to perform the user selected actions

The field descriptions for the Process Definition form are:

Field Name Description

Process Name


Specifies the name of the process. (required)

Save Cursor Position


Select this box if you want to return to the same cursor position after the action (for example on a fill).

Run Standard Process when complete?


When selected, then the system runs a standard process after completing the current action or Process. A standard Process such as save, for example. If you have created a save Process and want to run the save Process that comes with the Document Engine after completing the save process you defined, check this box. A standard process is defined in the base functions sections of this document.

Run in Window?

When selected, the process runs in a separate window.

Window Title

If the Run in Window? check box is selected, specify a title for the window. An scmsg expression can be used for localized window titles, such as scmsg(1980, "us").

In addition to the fields described above, there are also tabs on this form that allow you to further define the Process. These tabs are: