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State Definition field descriptions

The State definition record defines the behavior and display specifications for a record at a specific period in time.

In the State record non-base methods can be defined or the behavior of base methods can be modified. Base methods are described in the sections Base functions in, Base functions in se.view.engine, and Base functions in se.list.engine. They include functions such as save, find, fill, OK, Cancel, and Search.

The field descriptions for the State Definition form are:

Field Name Description



Specifies the name of the State. (required)

Display Screen


The display screen to associate with the State.

Initialization Process


The name of a Process to run prior to entering the State.


Specifies the format in which the State record opens. This form is stored in a record, and it can be a variable or hard-coded. The name of the format can be hard-coded or be contained in a variable or retrieved from a record via a system language expression.

Input Condition


The input condition is evaluated for view States and determines whether or not the record is read-only. Specify false for read-only or true for editable. You may also enter an expression that evaluates to true or false.otherwise, enter true or enter an expression that evaluates to true or false.
Non-base methods

Display Action


Specifies the action parameter that comes from a display action after input from a user. The display action comes from the action field in the display option of a button or menu item clicked by a user.

Process Name


Specifies the name of the Process run as a result of the action.



Specifies an expression that evaluates to true for the Process specified in the Process Name to be called.

Save First

Choose to run the save Process before you run this Process. Type true to save first; otherwise, enter false. The default is false.